Sunday, May 23, 2010

Boot Camp Kicked my Booty

So... I am SO SORE! Not from our little 'brick' workout on Thursday, nor from the 6M at 8:47 I ran on Friday. Nope. Boot camp-- looks like someone has NOT been doing strength training!

I was supposed to ride 20M or so with some friends and friends of friends Saturday morning, but it was rainy, so I ended up going to Boot Camp at the Rec Center with A. I was sweating like a maniac, and was already sore last night. This morning I went for a little 2M walk just to loosen things up a bit. We'll see how it feels later today and tomorrow.

Since I am not training for anything running-wise, I think I need to incorporate some XT and yoga into my routine over the next few months.

We have boys' piano recital today, then T has a game tonight at 6pm an hour away. Good times.

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