Saturday, August 30, 2008

Thoughts on pacing....

Ok- so today was a 5M recovery run, and I must say when I headed out my legs were still feeling heavy from yesterday. So- I trotted along at an average 10:44 pace. I got to thinking about pacing, and the Pfitz program. I re-read what he said about recovery runs, and he suggests they be done on soft surfaces, and no hills. Well, since I cannot avoid hills in the neighborhood, I went extra slow.

According to Pfitz: recovery paces- two minutes slower than 1/2 marathon time. Well, my 1/2 marathon pace from last year is 7:42, so that would put my recovery paces pretty close to my LR pace (based on 8:35/mile goal pace for 3:45 marathon). SO- the inconsistencies in my race times poses a challenge for my pacing. So, I have decided the following:

LR/MLR/recoveries will be based on goal MP of 8:35 (3:45 finish time).
So- LR/MLR between 9:20-9:50. Recovery runs 10:00-10:30 pace on flat, a bit slower on hills. If I am going to get these high mileage weeks in, I need to not go too fast.

LT/Intervals I will use my 'faster' 1/2 marathon and 5K paces. That way I'll keep some of the 'speed', as I build up my mileage. This is what I focused on last training cycle, and got good results!


UGH-- the sluggish run!

Well- today was 14M medium-long run, and two miles in I could tell it was going to be brutal. I couldn't leave until after DH and DS #2 got back from 6:00 am hockey practice, so out the door at 8:00 instead of 6:30. Mistake #1.

3 glasses of wine last night. Mistake #2.

Have not been running hills, and decided to do a hilly route. Mistake #3.

Took Group Power yesterday. Mistake #4-- my legs really felt beat up from the beginning.

It was hot/humid-- that's not my fault, but refer to Mistake #1.

Average pace was 9:44, which is about 15% slower than my 8:35/mile goal time. I'm not feeling so badly about the pace, it was just HARD. I know from experience we're all gonna have some crappy runs every cycle, and I'm hoping this was it. When I switch my LR days to Friday in two weeks, that should help a great deal.

Also, did a LOT of thinking about pacing during the run. Went back and read Pfitz, and he said LR should start about 20% slower than MP, which for me would be 10:00 minute miles. Then, ramp up to 10% slower than MP by the end of the run, which would be 9:25ish. Pfitz said that if you are running much faster than 10% slower than MP that you might leave your best running out on the training course, not the marathon course. So- I was within the range. I think my goal range would be 1 minute slower than MP, so between 9:25-9:35. I'm going to try and stick to that in the future.

I must admit I get a bit caught up in the paces some of the ladies in RWOL thread are putting down, and use that to motivate me. BUT, I learned from the NYC 2006 debacle NOT to train to fast, and Pftiz worked great for me last time. I have to remember MY GOALS, and to run MY RUNS.

Whew! Glad that is over.

Taking the boys up my parents for a visit, then DH and I are meeting ML/JL for dinner. Should be a nice time.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Great tempo run!

Got my first sub 8 min/miles in today with a 7M w/4M at tempo pace on the treadmill.

Warmup was easy- 9:30 pace, then 7:53, 7:53, 7:47 and 7:41. I felt great most of the time, if not a little bored. I increased the incline slightly to .5 for about 1.5 miles of the 4 tempo miles. I am trying not to run these too fast, but wanted to see how it felt b/c I want to run the Ikea 1/2 marathon at around 7:40 pace, which would be PR- I am hoping for 1:40 or better. It will also be a good indicator of my current fitness level.

I feel somewhat that I am not working as hard as I could b/c I do my speedwork on the treadmill (I'm sure I've mentioned this before), but also feel that I need to save my knee at some point, and that is the best way to get everything in.

All in all, a great workout, and my knee is not sore. I will ice it tonight.


FINALLY Training for Philly!

So- back from Oregon-- got in some great runs-- 33 miles the week we were gone. Best run was 12 miles, 10 of which were on the beach- nobody else around. It was so foggy it was hard to see more than a 1/4 mile ahead, but was beautiful and cool.
Last week was the first week of Phitz training. The boys had Penguins Hockey camp, and luckily for me there was a fitness center directly above the ice they were skating on. So- rather than getting up at 5:30 to get my runs in, I got three runs in while they were skating. Highlight of the week was that all three of us were interviewed for, and made it on, local TV. Good thing for DVR! The boys look adorable. I had just finished a 5M run, so I do not look so adorable.
Last week's mileage: 35, including 13M long run.
This week: yesterday did 12M. Tomorrow is my first tempo workout since the 5K in July, so I am a bit nervous about that. Am going to try and stay in between 7:50-7:40. Should be a good indicator of how the 1/2 marathon pace will feel for the race on the 6th.
Today I took Beta for a 1M walk, then went to Group Power. On the way home, I stopped for milk/eggs, and locked myself out of my car. UGH. Since I was in my workout gear, I just walked home- 3 more miles. I considering running, but 1) had my purse with me and 2) have that tempo workout tomorrow. Not THAT'S taking it easy.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Off Again!

Today we leave for Oregon/Washington to visit with DH's friends from UND and families. Shall be interesting due to the divorce situation in the L family, but we'll see.

RR: have gotten in 21 miles thus far this week: 8,8,5. Ran yesterday AND today, so will try and get 9-10 in on Sunday. Everything has felt great while running.

Had sort of a breakthrough on the knee-IT Band situation. One of the folks at RW online posted that he had the same thing, the ligaments under the bone where IT Band connects to knee are sore. It was like reading my own thoughts-- he said it really hurt after riding in a car, or sitting for long periods. Made me feel much better, and he said for him icing, no speedwork, and running on soft surfaces did the trick.

I think this whole Philly marathon thing might happen after all :)

Plan to get in 4-5 runs while I am gone. LR on Sunday or 9-10 miles as mentioned above, then will try and get some 6-8 mile runs in also. Will save last 'long' run for when I return.

Plan is to start modified Pfitz 12/55 (14/55) on 8/25.

Hope I feel as good when I return!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

UGH! IT Band sore (again!)

Did 8M this morning, started at 5:40 am. It was still dark out, so I did the first mile in the neigborhood. Then it started to rain, pretty hard, and I was thinking of heading back home, but I thought--- what the heck am I going to do at home; wet, at 6:10 am? So I kept going.

Splits: 1st 2 miles were slow: 20:19, then: 9:50,9:11, 9:05, 9:20, 8:53, 9:11 for a average time of 9:30. The slow miles were in part due to the rain, and since I ran in the neighborhood, there were lots of hills to contend with.

My IT Band situation has me worried b/c if I commit to the Philly race, it has to be in the next two weeks. It did not hurt WHILE I was running, but after. Go figure.

Anyway, glad to get the run in-- I am going to try to be more diligent about the stretching/icing situation.

We leave Friday for Washington/Oregon... Should be fun, yet interesting. due to the L divorce situation.


Sunday, August 3, 2008

August already???

So- its August 3rd, and I've been ramping up mileage the past few weeks.

Had some great runs at the beach: did 4 runs: 8-10-6-8 in high heat and humidity, early in the am and felt great. Had some good pacing, mostly around 9:20 average. Am running most/all of my runs between 9:00-9:30 pacing-- keeping things easy.

Went to PT before we left- got some stretches, treatment, etc. Have not been as faithful as I should, but also went to NYC to visit DS for her 40th b-day. That was fun the first afternoon/evening, then disasterous the second day. DS got food poisoning, spent 11 hrs. yacking every 5-10 minutes, and we did virtually nothing all day. (oh yea, took her to the dr.) Felt SO BADLY for her, but we had a really nice visit regardless.

Personal highlight of the trip was a 9M run in Central Park. 8:55 pace! Amazing how much difference it made running along with other people. I hooked up with this one guy and followed his pace for about 2.5 miles. Good times.

Did 8M this morning around 8:00-- average pace 9:06-- and this with a 9:55 1st mile. It was hot, but I felt good, and this was after being up late/drinks with friends.

Am so happy that I decided to not start an actual plan until we return from WA/Oregon. It would be added stress to have to get certain runs in on certain days. I am fiddling with how to modify Pfitz for the Philly race, and think I'll have 14 weeks of serious training to get it done.