Friday, August 8, 2008

Off Again!

Today we leave for Oregon/Washington to visit with DH's friends from UND and families. Shall be interesting due to the divorce situation in the L family, but we'll see.

RR: have gotten in 21 miles thus far this week: 8,8,5. Ran yesterday AND today, so will try and get 9-10 in on Sunday. Everything has felt great while running.

Had sort of a breakthrough on the knee-IT Band situation. One of the folks at RW online posted that he had the same thing, the ligaments under the bone where IT Band connects to knee are sore. It was like reading my own thoughts-- he said it really hurt after riding in a car, or sitting for long periods. Made me feel much better, and he said for him icing, no speedwork, and running on soft surfaces did the trick.

I think this whole Philly marathon thing might happen after all :)

Plan to get in 4-5 runs while I am gone. LR on Sunday or 9-10 miles as mentioned above, then will try and get some 6-8 mile runs in also. Will save last 'long' run for when I return.

Plan is to start modified Pfitz 12/55 (14/55) on 8/25.

Hope I feel as good when I return!

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