Friday, July 17, 2009

I'm gonna be sore tomorrow!

So, I had my first training session today-- they ask you to do 30 minutes of cardio before you start, so I walked 3M (sub 14 min) on our hilly roads, then went in. They had me doing some circuit training: 10 minutes on the elliptical (they have several different types, including the cross training kind so you can go forwards and backwards) followed by 2 upper body strength moves (i.e. chest presses with bar 3 x 15 reps followed by lat pulldowns 3 x 15) and then repeat- so a total of 40 minutes of cardio (they did have me on the TM once-- more on that later) and 6 different focused sets of upper body.

They also had me work my quads, and did 12 minutes of ab workout on the Bosu ball. Then, she stretched me out afterward and asked how I liked everything. I told her (the owner) that I did not want to do any TM while I was there, so I could keep my running separate from the stretches and strength training, which she said was fine.

The cardio portions she told me were all designed to help with the quads as well, as they were all hill workouts of different intensities. I was there for 90 minutes, so coupled with my 41 minute walk it was a good morning! I am anticipating feeling VERY sore tomorrow, but liked what they had me do. Of course I could do most of it on my own in a gym, but having someone set the weights, program the elliptical/cross trainer and of course, lead the ab exercises was key, as was the stretching she did on me at the end.

I found out that when you are currently in a training program at this place, you can use all of there cardio equipment when you want, and they have a 20 minute ab session every other hour that anyone can drop in on, as well as spinning, yoga, and cardio-push (interval cardio class) classes. So, I just have to keep at it at home.

We'll see how I feel tomorrow.....

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hip, Hip, Horray! (at least for today!)

I have been mainly walking the past week and doing the hip stretches/strengthening exercises as proscribed by my sports doc last week. Last Thursday and Friday I tried to run a bit- 10 minutes walking/5 minutes running, and it HURT. LIKE HELL. This weekend was my dad's family reunion in Indiana, so 6 hours of driving each day, but no exercise at all.

Monday- walked 5M
Tuesday- 7M total- 2M running. 10 min walk, 5 min run pattern. 1 M swim
Wednesday- 7.5 M walk on trail (concrete section)

So, yesterday went to see about getting some Personal Training/Therapy at this place run by a woman who has run 12 marathons, and has also come back from injury. She did a full evaluation, including HR/resting HR analysis, strength, flexibility etc. and they design a plan to work with you. I am intrigued by this for two reasons 1) I KNOW I need to get back to some sort of scheduled weight training in order to get stronger, and to tone up, which will make me much happier overall and 2) I also KNOW I need to work on flexibility.

So, I went ahead and committed to a 10-session package, and we'll see how things look at the end of that- I figure it will be about 5 weeks total. First session is Friday. Since I have never had any kind of personalized program drawn up for me, it should be interesting. She said she wanted to strengthen my quads and calves to give better support when I run, and then to work on flexibility in the hip area, and to tone up my core and upper body. No surprises there!

I have also REALLY come around to the idea that I should NOT train for a fall marathon this year. I had signed up for the Philly full, and was planning to maybe train quietly for that, but am really going to focus on getting stronger and doing the two halves that are on my calendar: Spirit of Pittsburgh on 10/25 and the Philly 1/2 on 11/22. Then, maybe, maybe train for Pittsburgh full next spring. We'll see.

Other than that, summer is crusing along nicely.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Now I'm REALLY pissed....

So... hmph, as part of my effort to scale back my mileage to a measly 20-25 mpw in order to let the knee rest a bit I decided if I couldn't run LONG, I might try some repeats and run FAST.

Last week ran 3 x 800 as part of a monster 3.5 M run , and ran them at my recent (not PR) 5K pace. 7:13, 7:13, 7:08

This week ran 4 x 800 (all of these on TM) as part of 4M run and ran 7:08, 7:08, 7:03, 6:58 (ok, so a teeny bit faster, but heck it felt good!). Well, my LEFT hip decided to balk at the notion. It was a bit sore after the run, but I stretched it out pretty well afterward.

Tuesday I ran 7M pretty easy (9:15 pace) around North Park and felt a twinge or two, but not for a more than a minute at at time.

Wednesday I woke up and it hurt to WALK. Seriously, WTF? I have been running for 20 years, and during the past year have had more problems than the previous 19 combined. Am I getting that old? If I can't run far and I can't run fast what the hell sort of goals can I set for myself.

Hmpf. I'm sure my AARP form is arriving any moment now.

Thing that really sucks about the situation is that the Firecracker 5K is in two days, and I have run it every year since 1996 that I have been in town, except the year when Tommy was 3 weeks old. Even ran it the year I just found out I was pregnant with Danny. It is a tradition for me, and I tend to place in my age group. UGH. DH says its just another 5K, but to me it is more.

So-- as for now I am not running, but haven't 100% commited to it.

It doesn't help my self image that I weigh more than I ever have in 16 years, except when I was pregnant. Sigh.

Hopefully next post will be more cheery.