Saturday, December 20, 2008

It's Official: Boston Training Plan

FINALLY getting around to focusing on the Boston Training plan. I have been running 3x week this month; mpw of 22, 24, 23 and 24.5. Goal is to get up to 30-32 mpw over the next few weeks, with a LR of 14 miles before starting a modified Pfitz 12/55 on 1/13/09.

Plan is to do the 12 week schedule over 14 weeks. Modifications will include possible substitution of cross-trainer for recovery run 1x a week, and possibly maxing out at 50 mpw like I did last year.

So- here's the plan: I am going to run long on Mondays, so the week will really begin on Tuesdays. This give me flexibility to run long on Sunday if it works out, and b/c Boston is on a Monday, shouldn't mess me up too much.

Pfitz week: Calendar week
11: 1/13
10: 1/20
11: 1/27 (skiing in Colorado- might only run 3x instead of 4)
9: 2/3
7: 2/17
6: 2/24 (will do Spring Thaw 15 mile option for 15/12MP run on 2/28)
5: 3/3
4: 3/10
3: 3/17
6: 3/24 (will run Just a Short Run 30K as 18/15MP run on 3/28)
2: 4/1 (will skip race; skiing in Colorado)
1: 4/7
Race week 4/13 (will modify for 16 miles pre-race)

so-- there's the plan!

I will also NOT be racing during this training cycle. I know that I am capable of training to run a 3:45 (8:34 MP), and hope for a PR and another BQ at Boston.

My #1 goal is to run Boston well-prepared and healthy. I do plan to attempt a sub 3:40 in the future, on a faster course. This most likely will be the only chance I get to run Boston, and I want to have positive memories!

I know I'm most likely selling myself short, but there are other races and other days to 'go for it'.

I also might sign up for the Pittsburgh 1/2 and see how that goes.

Ok- now its in print, so I have to do it, right?

NRR: last night was our GNO anti-holly ball dinner at Francos. It was so much fun, and great to see everyone. DS#1 had hockey at 7:10, so I am feeling a bit low at this point.

RR: got in 6 recovery miles (not really sure WHAT exactly I was recovering from) this morning.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Back on the road again....

Yippee! Got in an 8- miler Monday, then a nice road/track 10-miler today. Pace: 9:29, which is on the fast end of the 10-20% spectrum.

For Boston, my goal is to TRAIN to fun a 3:45: 8:35 MP, but my main goal is to re-BQ; which is a 8:45 pace. So, I am going to train using MP of 8:35, and hope for the best come race day.

This was first MLR I've done outside on the roads in almost two months. After the 3 weeks off, I have been doing 90% of my runs on the Treadmill. I am a bit unique in why I don't mind the TM, and here are the reasons:

WHY I LIKE THE TREADMILL FOR WINTER TRAINING (not in any particular order)
1) I can control my paces: especially good for tempo and speedwork.
2) I get caught up on the news, sports, and sometimes even enjoy Ellen and Rachael Ray show.
3) I don't have to worry about the weather; which means I also don't have to worry about what to wear.
4) I don't have to worry about the cold weather bothering my asthma
5) If Danny needs me at school for his asthma, I can be reached by cellphone, and am only 15 minutes away, as opposed to having to run miles back to my car
6) I can use the bathroom, refill my water, and get a new towel: really great for MLR.
7) I can run on an incline, which my S*ITBand seems to appreciate.
8) There are always other people running while I am running: when I am on the trail, I might pass 1 or 2 other runners.
9) It is easier on the knees/Sh*tband than the roads or trails.
10) I don't have to carry my own water or food.

Boy- don't I sound pampered!!!!

Summer running is another ballgame-- put me outside any day!

Tomorrow's topic: Marathon training program for Boston.


Friday, November 14, 2008

3 weeks off... not enough?

Ok- so I took 3 weeks off from running after the 1/2 marathon. 5 days of that I was really 'off' b/c we were at Disney World with the boys, which was awesome! The boys got to 'fight' Darth Vader at Hollywood Studios, and they actually liked Space Mountain! The only thing I did for 5 days (other than walking) was the cross-trainer for 5M.
So, one would think that getting back would be pain-free, right? NOT. The damn ITBand/knee thing on my right leg came back right away. I think it might be from taking a step class, so I'll take that out of the lineup. I really want to do some strength training 2x a week, so I guess it will be Group Power.
Thinking ahead to Boston training: I might REALLY modify Pfitz and go with running 3x a week, and/or doing a 12 week training cycle. At this point I cannot imagine my knee hanging in there for a full 18 week Pfitz training cycle. But... we'll see.
NRR: I can't believe its almost Thanksgiving! My sister got engaged a few weeks ago, so that is very exciting news... other than that we're all just plugging along.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Another year older, and another year faster (at least a little)

Buffalo Creek 1/2 Marathon:

This is the 3rd year for this trail 1/2 marathon, and I have done it the past two years. It is a GREAT race; pretty, well-supplied, with a nice cross-section of runners.

I have been resting my quad for the past three weeks; the last time I ran was an easy 4 last Sunday. Have been trying to keep my fitness up through swimming, the cross trainer, and the exercise bike, but was really not sure how things were going to go today. I knew I had put the miles in during August/September, but October had been a challenge.

Yesterday I ended up picking DS#1 up from school due to stomach problems, but he felt better by the end of the day. We had a good pasta dinner, and got to bed by 10:00. Had a decent sleep, and woke up before the alarm (a good sign in my book) around 6:25. As I was getting ready I had that 'jumping out of my skin' feeling, which to me means I have some good energy. I had set the coffee maker up last night in an attempt to 'save time' this morning, and for some reason it didn't work. I ended up going without my morning coffee which is W-A-Y off my routine, but figured it might be the best thing due to recent race-day GI issues I've been having.

Got out of the house on schedule, and had an uneventful 1 hr. drive up to the Speedway where they have us park our cars. They bus runners to the start, and then back from the finish. For a small race (am going to estimate 500 people this year) the organization was GREAT! I ended up chatting with some folks who taught with a friend of mine, which was nice.

Got to the start, hit the porta-potty (business taken care of -- yea!) and did a 5 minute warmup. It was COLD 38 degrees at the start, predicted to be 43 at the finish, and a bit windy. I have to give a shout-out to the gals on the Ladies BQ training forum, as there was a great discussion last week about when to forgo the shorts in favor of capris. Well, I was right on the fence... sitting there at the start with my shorts on, and capris in hand. I almost changed, but figured I'd rather be chilly than hot, given the choice. Smart move.

At the start I recognized a women I had run a few miles of a 10k with last spring: she leaned back to her friend and said 'shall we go for a 1:30?'. Mental note: do NOT try and pace off her today. I had also run into a guy I met two years ago, and it was his 3rd year as well- it was good to see him and catch up on his year of running.

So- we started-- we had chips, but no mat at the start. I started about 10 seconds after the gun, and we were off. My goal was to run better than last year, (1:40:47), and was hoping the quad would hold up. I knew the start was going to be downhill, so wanted to keep the first mile around 7:20 or so. My REAL goal was to break 1:40, and I thought I needed a 7:40 pace to do so.

1st mile: 7:11-- oops-- too fast, but I knew this mile would be fast.
miles 2/3: A pack of people formed once we got onto the trail. I tucked in behind a fellow and his father?, I called him 'Vince Vaughn'. He was very tall, wearing bright yellow and black, and he seemed to be setting a good pace.
2: 7:46
3: 7:35
at this point I overhear 'Vince' say that his splits from his spring marathon were 1:34 and 1:38, so I figure I've GOT to slow it down a bit. I let the pack pull ahead a little bit.
4: 7:51-- just call me Goldilocks-- this mile too slow, this mile too fast...
I fell in with another runner during mile 5 who I would trade off with until the end of the race. He was so great! My strategy at this point was to keep 'Vince Vaughn' in sight, and to start reeling in his stragglers around mile 9. I was feeling really good at this point, no quad/IT issues!
5: 7:30 - during this mile I saw one of the funnier things I've ever seen while racing: two hunters in their bright orange came out of the woods and started walking on the trail. We all looked at each other as if the other was the crazy one! I did hear gunshots on the course as well.
6: 7:35 These two miles felt really good, I had tossed one layer, and was slightly freaking out about going too fast, but had a good pace, and my ''friend'' running with me. 'Vince' was still in sight ahead, but I could see his pack splitting up a bit. My strategy for these miles was to pick off one person ahead of me per mile.
7: 7:45 (water stop)
8: 7:50 -- alright, time to pick it up again. My 'friend' had gotten ahead of me a bit, and I started to push the pace again.
9-10: missed the 9M split, but these two miles were 15:27, so a bit slower than I wanted to be, but still in good range. I passed the 1:30 lady I saw at the start, and the older man 'Vince' was running with at the start. Vince was nowhere to be seen by now.

The last three miles I dedicated to my three guys: DH, and sons Tommy and Danny. Mile 10 was Danny's mile, b/c I knew it was going to be the hardest of the 3 mentally, and I'm always encouraging him when he says how hard things are. When I felt my pace slowing a bit, thinking of him kept me going. I had now caught up and passed my 'friend'.
11: 7:37
12: 7:42 - Tommy's mile-- a good split at this point. During this mile I passed two other women, which was uplifting and helped keeping me focused on who was ahead of me, not behind me. My 'friend' had passed me again-- at this point we were chuckling to each other. When he passed me I said-- go get 'em, and he replied 'oh, I'm sure you'll pass me again!'.

The course now leaves the trail and goes up a road ramp, over a bridge and into the town of Sarver, PA. I dread this ramp, but this year it seemed shorter than I remember, which I guess is good. I knew I was going to be close to breaking 1:40, so was trying to haul azz as best as I could. The course goes down a street, turns left at mile 13, and the last .1 is parallel to the river. I had passed my buddy on the ramp, and was still looking ahead. At the 13 mile point, this guy just up ahead of me turned to me and starting yelling, encouraging me I guess. He was yelling-- go get it, how badly do you want this, pick it up, etc. He actually reminded me of a frenemy of DH's, so I gave it everything I had left at that point just to get him to shut up. Finished in 1:40:12, a PR by 30 seconds. 3rd in my AG.

The good: the quad felt good today, so I was really happy I rested it. The rest of my body felt strong, and I passed folks up until the end of the race. A PR is always good. Also, I qualified for NYC for next year...always good to have that in my pocket.

The bad: A KEY tactical error: I actually needed 7:38 pacing to get under 1:40. If I would have know this, I would not have freaked out mentally as much as I did with some of those faster splits. Am really pissed at myself for this, but know that breaking 1:40 is within my grasp.

The ugly: nothing. This is good.

On the bus ride back, my 'friend' from the race was sitting 2 rows in front of me. A class act, he introduced himself, and I found out his name was Dan-- another great Dan in the world.

So, ever my own worst critic, I am trying to be excited for the PR, and not beat myself up too much about those 12 crappy seconds. I'm sure I'll feel much better after a shower, and a glass of wine.

One of the favorite things I saw at this race was men/kids cheering on their moms/wives/girlfriends. So many times at sporting events you see women cheering on their men, and I spend a good deal of time doing that for my kids. It was great to see the women in action, and the great support given them by friends and family.

I am also constantly amazed at the running community at large: such nice, supportive, friendly people who as a whole, enjoy meeting new folks, and talking about running and sharing their experiences. Since I train by myself, these races are such a breath of fresh air for me.

All in all, a great day!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Is this going to work?

Yesterday: Yoga, then swam 1 mile at Healthtrax pool. There is a LOT going on in that pool; water 'exercise' class, swim lessons, and little kids with parents. Good thing for the ONE lap lane they have set up. I would like to swim 1-2 a week going forward, and it feels really good after yoga.

Today: 6 miles on the Cross-Trainer-- 2M in 12:00-- not exactly sure how that corresponds to running, but it felt like a tempo-ish effort. I did jump on the treadmill after a 2M warmup, hoping to run a couple miles, but felt the quad. Am going to rest it until Saturday. UGH.

I am trying to remain positive about this race: I would really like to run it all out, and have trained VERY hard since July for a 1/2 marathon effort.

On the way home, got a flat tire, so that really messed up my day-- oh well. Will try to get it fixed this afternoon/evening.


Monday, October 13, 2008

Training.... without running?

Ok, so I ran a grand total of 24 miles last week--- I am getting really bummed out about this quad injury, especially the longer it lingers. I have already made up my mind that I am going to take a full 3 weeks off from running after the 1/2-- which will take me through the Disney trip.

But-- not running the entire week before a 1/2? It just seems so LONG to go w/out running, but have committed to at least not trying until Wednesday. UGH.

Today Beta and I went to the trail-- she was pretty happy out there today! Weather was sunny and cool, and the trees are fully changing their leaves. Will take her back later this week to get some pics. Then did some core work, and rode the bike while watching Grey's Anatomy. In theory 1 hr. 15 minutes of cardio, but hardly broke a sweat. UGH.

Boys were at my folks for the night last night, so DH and I had a fun dinner! It was super nice to have the house to myself the entire day! I was actually somewhat productive, as I didn't have to leave until 5:00pm. Listen to me NOW-- what, 7 hours a day isn't enough?


Monday, October 6, 2008

14 miler-- feels good to run again!

Quad still not 100%, but got in my 14 mile long run today-- felt good.

My goal was to take it really easy and get the miles in. I wanted to start out aroun 9:45, and gradually increase to 9:20 or so. Here are the splits:
9:55, 18:52- tunnel, 9:47, 9:36, 9:53, 9:13, 9:30, 9:17, 9:22, 9:09, 9:08, 8:55, 8:.38
average: 9:23-- happy about that!

I got lost a bit during mile 6, had trouble finding the trail, but found it again. Weather was perfect for running, and I had no GI issues. So- I am feeling like my fitness is good, but am hoping that I can get to the start line healthy on the 18th.

Am going to run mostly slow miles this week; might do a couple at 1/2 GP on Friday, then a couple more next Wednesday. Other than that, its all slow from here on out.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Sidelined by my left quad....

Monday: 7M w/4M tempo. Average 7:28 per mile. Oops-- my quad has been bugging me for awhile and while this was a GREAT workout, methinks it was the reason for the quad REALLY acting up.

Wednesday-- went to start my 8M run, and it hurt so badly I only did 1mile. Then went to Healthtrax and did 7Miles on the Cross-trainer. It was the 1st time on that machine, and it really does feel more like running than the elliptical.

Th-- quad hurt so badly I placed an emergency call to the massage therapist at the club. Wow! What a difference an hour makes! Felt much better. Agree with her I should not run for a few days. She loaned me her heating pad- yea!

Fri- 8M on Cross-trainer- average pace 9:05 mile-- not bad. walked 1M to cool down. quad did not hurt at all during the cross trainer. Was debating whether or not to run easy tomorrow, but why push it? Am going to ride the bike tomorrow- maybe walk if I get the chance, and do a long run on Monday.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

31 miles this week-- still sore...

Friday's long run was really two runs in one. The first 5 or so miles were pretty ugly-- I didn't really get into a groove until mile 5 or so. I was at the trail, and ran a 1-mile section 3-4 times; out and back. BORING, but it was hot, I didn't feel like carrying water, so I stopped by the car a few times, and wasn't sure if I was going to make it.

Then, somewhere in the 6th mile, things clicked. It was a good reminder to stick it out. Overall pace was 9:06, which was the same as the week before, although the effort felt harder.

Then ART-- saw another local runner (MUCH faster than moi) so I chuckled that I wasn't the only one seeking different types of treatment. Am not feeling the love with the ART, as my left leg now hurts; first the quad, then the IT Band.

Saturday's recovery 5 were just plain UGLY. 10:05 pace, did not feel great, but got it done. 31 miles for the week. I think next week I'm going to try to get in 35, then cut back before the race. We'll see how it goes. I think I'll try a tempo run tomorrow, and see how the legs feel.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

A week later....

Ok- so its been awhile. Here is a summary:

9/19 12M LR on Peters Trail. Pace: 9:03-- I was really proud of this run, and the pace. I felt a bit sore, and it took some time to get going, but was really happy when I finished.

9/20 4M recovery run. Pace: 9:54. I did 2.5 of this on the HS track, which was hard, b/c the HS XC team was running intervals, and these girls were flying around the track. I sometimes wonder what I might have been able to do running-wise as a girl, had it not been for the asthma. Oh well, I guess I'm making up for it now :)

Total mileage 9/15: 30 mpw

This week:

Monday: 6M w/5 x 1200 at 7:03, 7:03, 6:58, 6:48, 6:48. I felt great getting this in. Pfitz called for 4 x 1200 at LT pace for the 1/2 marathon schedule, but I went ahead and did the full workout-- more of a VO2 workout, which is what I think I needed. Of course I'm paying for it w/sore legs.

Wednesday: hilly run in Mt. Lebo- 8M @ 8:56 pace. This run was really hard for me. I have not been doing much hill work, and my left leg was really stiff. I ran part of the Martha's Run course, then hit the track for 6 laps and then back to the Galleria. Mostly all road/sidewalk, which I plan to avoid as much as possible in the next 3 weeks.

I really wish my body would not hurt. I've been dealing with off and on aches/pains since early June, and its getting old. I'm giving this ART two more weeks, and if I don't see results, I'm going to just rest after the 1/2, and do the exact same thing I did for the Pig- slowly increase mileage and do Pfitz 18/50.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

8M @ 8:39 Pace

Today I went out on the Peters Trail (slight incline one way, slight downhill the other), to do my 8M run. I wasn't exactly sure what Pftiz says for pacing for MLR and LR for the 1/2, so I wanted to push it a bit.

The 1st mile was 9:22 or so, and felt great. During the 2nd mile, I found that I was hitting sub-9 pace, so I went for it. 2nd mile: 8:52 or so. I was on a section of the trail that has a 1mile section, so did that for the 1st 3 miles, then hit this hill on the sidewalk right off the trail. It measured .3 miles, and has a gradual uphill-- not sure about the incline, but I felt it. I ran that 3 times-- worked pretty hard on the uphills, and tried to not go too fast on the downhills. I think I'll use that a good deal when prepping for Boston.

My last mile was 8:00 even, with a 8:39 pace for the 8 miles. It was a GOOD workout- wonder how I'll feel tomorrow.

The weather has FINALLY gotten less humid; even though, I was sweating bullets by the end.

I think I'm going to go to the far end of the trail on Friday for my 12 milers. Pfitz says LR between 1 and 2 minutes slower than goal 1/2 marathon pace. For me that is 7:40 so I'm going to try and keep the medium runs (6-10 miles) at that pace and the Long Runs (10+ miles) at around 9:15 or so.

It felt good to let it go! I'm really excited about running 4x a week until the race. Then, I think I'll cut back to 3 days a week, but keeping a LR of about 8-10 miles for the rest of October until after Thanksgiving. Then, increase the mileage until Pfitz starts.

We'll see....

Knee felt GREAT!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Great tempo run and something new...

Yesterday I started following the Pfitz plan for a 1/2 marathon on up to 30 miles a week. I think I might top out at 35 miles 4 weeks out-- we'll see how it goes. The really nice thing is that it is a 4 day a week plan. So- no more running 5x a week until Boston training starts!

One thing that is different is that the plan gives you LR distance, MR distance, then the distances for your temp and/or speedwork. It is up to you to figure out the warmup/warmdown miles... which is nice.

Yesterday called for a 4M tempo run. Since my 1/2 marathon goal time is 7:40 pace, and my 10K pr pace is 7:12, I split the difference for the pace. Did 1Mwu/1Mwd, and the 4M at tempo were 7:28 average. I could have gone faster during the last two miles particularly, but why?

My left leg is bugging me a bit, and I can't even describe which muscles it is, but has been sore since the 1/2. Hopefully it will feel better. I am commited to stretching...again.

Today I took my 1st Yoga class ever. It was nice, challenging in a wierd way (not cardio of course), but I kept looking at the clock. I bet I'll be sore tomorrow. They have a 9:30 Fitness Yoga class at Healthtrax that I am going to try and make 2x a week if I can on Tuesday/Thursday. I'll do that instead of the Group Power, which I still think has something to do with my knee aches.

Knee feels good! Have another ART session for Friday. Will continue to go as long as I feel good, and insurance will cover it.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Great 10M run today!

So.. I have been having these little aches/pains in my knee/legs. I guess that race Saturday took more out of me than I thought. Anyway, I headed out to the Montour Trail today; the Cecil sections, which is nice and flat, with porta-potties and water fountains. There is a nice 10M out and back section. I planned to do 10M at a nice easy pace.

Result-- I had a GREAT run: 9:02 pace, and after a couple mile warmup, really felt good. I had to stop 2x for the porta-potty, so it was good I went to that trail. I am a bit sore still, but am going to try something new tomorrow: Active Release Therapy-- hope it will help my leg!


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Treadmill recovery run-ugh!

Today I ran for the first time since the 1/2 on Saturday. The knee is a bit twingy, but didn't hurt. Funny thing is it didn't bother me at all until last night, when I rode the bike for 45 minutes. Maybe I need to stay off the bike? Ugh.

Anyway- it was raining pretty hard, so I did the 5M recovery on the treadmill at the Club. Boring, but got it done. Fitness feels good, but I am so glad I'm not trying to fit that other marathon in.

Plan is to take it easy this week-no speedwork, and then follow either the Ryan Hall 1/2 plan, or adapt a Pfitz for the 5 weeks until the Butler Trail race. Am leaning towards the Pfitz, b/c the Hall plan has two days of speedwork. We'll see.


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ikea Half Marathon RR

Yesterday I ran the Ikea 1/2 marathon. I have been wanting to do this race for a few years, and realized that for the past 5 years we have been out of town this particular weekend in September. Either at the Outer Banks or ND games. So, I was pretty fired up to run the course, as I hear it is very flat.

I really did not taper (at all) for this race, other than the fact that I only ran 4 out of the 7 days prior to the race, and the LR last weekend was 14 miles, and did 10 Tuesday, and 6 (w/2@tempo) Thursday. So, I had originally set a goal of 7:45-7:50 pace. Well, it was humid Saturday morning, and I did not sleep very well, so I readjusted my goal to 8:00 min/mile. Came in at 1:45:09, 8:02 pace. It was HARD.

The first mile is all downhill (7:02 or something), then you go on the Montour Trail for 6 miles slightly uphill, then 6 miles coming back. My mile splits were between 8:15-7:39, but again, it felt HARD. I realized that since I really put a good deal of stock into my races, and they do take time away from the family on the weekends, that unless I am doing one as a training run for a marathon, I am only going to do goal races during hockey season. So, the next one will be the Butler Trail 1/2 marathon on 10/18, which is in 6 weeks, and right before Disney, then the Turkey Trot, then I'll gear up for marathon training for Boston!

After the race was another story. I ended up getting 3rd in my AG, but had some SERIOUS GI issues walking up the hill, so did not stay. UGH. Double UGH.

Today I am sore, and still need to get caught up on my sleep. Hopefully tonight.

I ordered Pfitz's 'other' book, and will most likely adapt one of his marathon programs for the last six weeks until the Butler race. The weather will undoubtedly be less humid, so that will help a great deal.


Friday, September 5, 2008

Big decisions!

So... after much thought and soul-searching, I decided to NOT run the Philly marathon this year, but to run Boston next spring instead of the Philly/Pittsburgh double.

Physical-- the knee. I started thinking hard about how long this has been bugging me, and it has been off/on since June. To start serious LRs for training would just aggravate it, and I didn't want to go into Philly unsure as to if I could BQ again or not.

Training: I realized that since Philly is so late (11/23), I would really only have a month in between training cycles if I were to do another Pfitz 18/55.

Mental: I started asking myself what the heck was I trying to prove? Who was I trying to impress? I got some good advice directed to another RW forumite, and some directed to me personally, all of which was good advice. I re-read some of my old posts about NYC, and decided to learn a lesson from my past mistakes. (now isn't THAT grown-up of me!)

Family: it is not only one fewer weekend away from the house, (during game season for hockey) so it would be hard on DH and the boys, and also I won't have to stress about it during our Disney trip.

I talked with DH about it Wednesday night, and he said it sounded like a good idea. He has been great about my running, and I know he fears my knee giving out again like NYC in 2006.

I slept on it, had a good run on Thursday, but somewhere during the run it just seemed crystal clear that this was the way to go. I know that I can be involved with Pittsburgh somehow, maybe a relay or running the 1/2 marathon. I called my friend, K, and she pointed out that Boston was my GOAL anyway, so that should take first priority.

Once I made the decision, I felt as though a physical weight had been removed. I was excited about running and life in general for the 1st time in weeks! I cancelled Philly hotel, switched my Boston one to the Copley Plaza Marriott, near the finish, so that DH would enjoy his stay, and called my folks to tell them. I think they'll go as well. We'll work the details out later, but I am excited!

Part of me thinks I have wimped out, but the ache in my knee and the good feeling I have inside tell me it was the right decision. Again, who am I trying to impress?

Have a 1/2 marathon tomorrow-- hope it goes well-- it is supposed to get hot tomorrow, but has been nice in the mornings. I am interested to see how I do-- I plan to go out around 7:45-7:50 miles, and see how that works. I would love a PR, but would take anything under 1:42.

Hope I'll have good news next time also!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

10 miler, mostly on track.

Today my knee was bugging me AGAIN-- UGH I am so sick of this cycle, and have pledged to do my stretching/icing routine every other day. The funny thing is, it does not hurt when I run, still. Some twinges here and there, but no pain.

Am doing a mini-taper for the Ikea 1/2 marathon this weekend, so it works out nicely to have some shorter runs. Today was going to be 8-10 miles, and I ended up getting 10 miles in 1:34.

First 4 miles were on the track, then I went off for 2.5 miles, then 1.5 miles on the track. Then, a HS class came out for Gym, so I ended up doing the last 2 miles on the sidewalk/road. I think I did 2M in the middle at MP, so all in all, a decent workout.

Am trying to get a massage scheduled before the race Saturday to figure out what the heck is going on here....

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Thoughts on pacing....

Ok- so today was a 5M recovery run, and I must say when I headed out my legs were still feeling heavy from yesterday. So- I trotted along at an average 10:44 pace. I got to thinking about pacing, and the Pfitz program. I re-read what he said about recovery runs, and he suggests they be done on soft surfaces, and no hills. Well, since I cannot avoid hills in the neighborhood, I went extra slow.

According to Pfitz: recovery paces- two minutes slower than 1/2 marathon time. Well, my 1/2 marathon pace from last year is 7:42, so that would put my recovery paces pretty close to my LR pace (based on 8:35/mile goal pace for 3:45 marathon). SO- the inconsistencies in my race times poses a challenge for my pacing. So, I have decided the following:

LR/MLR/recoveries will be based on goal MP of 8:35 (3:45 finish time).
So- LR/MLR between 9:20-9:50. Recovery runs 10:00-10:30 pace on flat, a bit slower on hills. If I am going to get these high mileage weeks in, I need to not go too fast.

LT/Intervals I will use my 'faster' 1/2 marathon and 5K paces. That way I'll keep some of the 'speed', as I build up my mileage. This is what I focused on last training cycle, and got good results!


UGH-- the sluggish run!

Well- today was 14M medium-long run, and two miles in I could tell it was going to be brutal. I couldn't leave until after DH and DS #2 got back from 6:00 am hockey practice, so out the door at 8:00 instead of 6:30. Mistake #1.

3 glasses of wine last night. Mistake #2.

Have not been running hills, and decided to do a hilly route. Mistake #3.

Took Group Power yesterday. Mistake #4-- my legs really felt beat up from the beginning.

It was hot/humid-- that's not my fault, but refer to Mistake #1.

Average pace was 9:44, which is about 15% slower than my 8:35/mile goal time. I'm not feeling so badly about the pace, it was just HARD. I know from experience we're all gonna have some crappy runs every cycle, and I'm hoping this was it. When I switch my LR days to Friday in two weeks, that should help a great deal.

Also, did a LOT of thinking about pacing during the run. Went back and read Pfitz, and he said LR should start about 20% slower than MP, which for me would be 10:00 minute miles. Then, ramp up to 10% slower than MP by the end of the run, which would be 9:25ish. Pfitz said that if you are running much faster than 10% slower than MP that you might leave your best running out on the training course, not the marathon course. So- I was within the range. I think my goal range would be 1 minute slower than MP, so between 9:25-9:35. I'm going to try and stick to that in the future.

I must admit I get a bit caught up in the paces some of the ladies in RWOL thread are putting down, and use that to motivate me. BUT, I learned from the NYC 2006 debacle NOT to train to fast, and Pftiz worked great for me last time. I have to remember MY GOALS, and to run MY RUNS.

Whew! Glad that is over.

Taking the boys up my parents for a visit, then DH and I are meeting ML/JL for dinner. Should be a nice time.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Great tempo run!

Got my first sub 8 min/miles in today with a 7M w/4M at tempo pace on the treadmill.

Warmup was easy- 9:30 pace, then 7:53, 7:53, 7:47 and 7:41. I felt great most of the time, if not a little bored. I increased the incline slightly to .5 for about 1.5 miles of the 4 tempo miles. I am trying not to run these too fast, but wanted to see how it felt b/c I want to run the Ikea 1/2 marathon at around 7:40 pace, which would be PR- I am hoping for 1:40 or better. It will also be a good indicator of my current fitness level.

I feel somewhat that I am not working as hard as I could b/c I do my speedwork on the treadmill (I'm sure I've mentioned this before), but also feel that I need to save my knee at some point, and that is the best way to get everything in.

All in all, a great workout, and my knee is not sore. I will ice it tonight.


FINALLY Training for Philly!

So- back from Oregon-- got in some great runs-- 33 miles the week we were gone. Best run was 12 miles, 10 of which were on the beach- nobody else around. It was so foggy it was hard to see more than a 1/4 mile ahead, but was beautiful and cool.
Last week was the first week of Phitz training. The boys had Penguins Hockey camp, and luckily for me there was a fitness center directly above the ice they were skating on. So- rather than getting up at 5:30 to get my runs in, I got three runs in while they were skating. Highlight of the week was that all three of us were interviewed for, and made it on, local TV. Good thing for DVR! The boys look adorable. I had just finished a 5M run, so I do not look so adorable.
Last week's mileage: 35, including 13M long run.
This week: yesterday did 12M. Tomorrow is my first tempo workout since the 5K in July, so I am a bit nervous about that. Am going to try and stay in between 7:50-7:40. Should be a good indicator of how the 1/2 marathon pace will feel for the race on the 6th.
Today I took Beta for a 1M walk, then went to Group Power. On the way home, I stopped for milk/eggs, and locked myself out of my car. UGH. Since I was in my workout gear, I just walked home- 3 more miles. I considering running, but 1) had my purse with me and 2) have that tempo workout tomorrow. Not THAT'S taking it easy.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Off Again!

Today we leave for Oregon/Washington to visit with DH's friends from UND and families. Shall be interesting due to the divorce situation in the L family, but we'll see.

RR: have gotten in 21 miles thus far this week: 8,8,5. Ran yesterday AND today, so will try and get 9-10 in on Sunday. Everything has felt great while running.

Had sort of a breakthrough on the knee-IT Band situation. One of the folks at RW online posted that he had the same thing, the ligaments under the bone where IT Band connects to knee are sore. It was like reading my own thoughts-- he said it really hurt after riding in a car, or sitting for long periods. Made me feel much better, and he said for him icing, no speedwork, and running on soft surfaces did the trick.

I think this whole Philly marathon thing might happen after all :)

Plan to get in 4-5 runs while I am gone. LR on Sunday or 9-10 miles as mentioned above, then will try and get some 6-8 mile runs in also. Will save last 'long' run for when I return.

Plan is to start modified Pfitz 12/55 (14/55) on 8/25.

Hope I feel as good when I return!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

UGH! IT Band sore (again!)

Did 8M this morning, started at 5:40 am. It was still dark out, so I did the first mile in the neigborhood. Then it started to rain, pretty hard, and I was thinking of heading back home, but I thought--- what the heck am I going to do at home; wet, at 6:10 am? So I kept going.

Splits: 1st 2 miles were slow: 20:19, then: 9:50,9:11, 9:05, 9:20, 8:53, 9:11 for a average time of 9:30. The slow miles were in part due to the rain, and since I ran in the neighborhood, there were lots of hills to contend with.

My IT Band situation has me worried b/c if I commit to the Philly race, it has to be in the next two weeks. It did not hurt WHILE I was running, but after. Go figure.

Anyway, glad to get the run in-- I am going to try to be more diligent about the stretching/icing situation.

We leave Friday for Washington/Oregon... Should be fun, yet interesting. due to the L divorce situation.


Sunday, August 3, 2008

August already???

So- its August 3rd, and I've been ramping up mileage the past few weeks.

Had some great runs at the beach: did 4 runs: 8-10-6-8 in high heat and humidity, early in the am and felt great. Had some good pacing, mostly around 9:20 average. Am running most/all of my runs between 9:00-9:30 pacing-- keeping things easy.

Went to PT before we left- got some stretches, treatment, etc. Have not been as faithful as I should, but also went to NYC to visit DS for her 40th b-day. That was fun the first afternoon/evening, then disasterous the second day. DS got food poisoning, spent 11 hrs. yacking every 5-10 minutes, and we did virtually nothing all day. (oh yea, took her to the dr.) Felt SO BADLY for her, but we had a really nice visit regardless.

Personal highlight of the trip was a 9M run in Central Park. 8:55 pace! Amazing how much difference it made running along with other people. I hooked up with this one guy and followed his pace for about 2.5 miles. Good times.

Did 8M this morning around 8:00-- average pace 9:06-- and this with a 9:55 1st mile. It was hot, but I felt good, and this was after being up late/drinks with friends.

Am so happy that I decided to not start an actual plan until we return from WA/Oregon. It would be added stress to have to get certain runs in on certain days. I am fiddling with how to modify Pfitz for the Philly race, and think I'll have 14 weeks of serious training to get it done.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Running again!

Ok- so I did 4 miles on the TM yesterday in 37:20 (9:20) pace. Knee twinged a bit from time to time, but did not hurt, nor did it hurt afterwards or today- yea! My body wanted to go longer and faster, but I held myself back.

Swim 1500 meters in the afternoon before GNO.

Plan is to do PT 1x a week going forward, do the stretches daily, and get my mileage slowly back up and do a 14 week program after we get back from Washington/Oregon trip. I think this actually might end up being better for everyone, as I know DH will be happier if I'm not stressing out about completing certain runs while we are on vacation.

Am going to check out Pfitz 12/55 and modify it for 14 weeks. Probably just add two more weeks of base building.

Am now wondering whether or not I should do the IKEA half marathon. I have not been in town the past 5 years to do it, and we are in town this year, so I would hate to miss it, but also don't want to get hurt. Because it is a big one, I think I would only do it as an all-out race, not as a MP run (ego!)

Tomorrow is my first PT appt. Hope to start running every other day next week.

IT Band-- Round 3?

Ok- so after that great 5K, my knee started to hurt-- BADLY! In a new place, of course. Have not run since the 4th, went to the dr. (hot doc!) and he said that there is no physical damage to the IT Band, but it is hurting where it connects to the bone. He gave me a prescription for PT therapy and said I should try and lay off the running 'as long as possible'.

He did mention how we runners tend to beat up our bodies, which is funny, b/c he is a gym rat, and I'm not sure lifting heavy weights is any better for you than running. He also reminded me that the speedwork/racing is much harder on the ITBand b/c of all the pounding.

So- I did not run for ELEVEN DAYS!!!! I think that is the longest in a year! I did some swimming, walking, but that was about it. It actually worked out well, b/c the BIL,SIL, nephew were in town for the SCCC Invitational. We had a great visit- nephew is too cute, and my boys were great with him.

Dinner-dance was fun, SIL is pregnant again, so although I gained a DD, I lost a partner in crime. She was a trooper!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Firecracker 5K!

4th of July was a rainy day, yet a great day for running. Danny woke me up around 5:30 with an accident, so after changing the sheets, I got about another 45 minutes or so of sleep. Got up around 7:15, and got ready. Had coffee, and a bagel w/PB. Left around 8:00. I had no troubles parking, and got my number, etc. Took care of 'business' early, which was nice.

Did a mile warmup, and felt ok. It was very humid, so I was already sweaty when I lined up.

As usual, the race did not start until around 9:10. Since this race only has a timing mat at the end, it is important to line up close to the front, but I was probably about 20 seconds behind the start.

Again, as usual, the first half mile was really crowded. I did not wear my Garmin, but did have a watch. I got going around the first hill, and focused on passing women. I did not see/hear the 1st mile, which in hindsight might have been good, as I just kept running. My goal was to best my time from last year, which was 22:51. I had only done 1 speed workout since late April, so was not gunning for a PR. I did want the AG win however!

At the turn I was around 11 minutes, and feeling pretty good. I did hear the 2-mile time of around 15 minutes, so got a bit worried. Turned out it was 2.1 miles. At this point I felt really good, and since I know the course so well, knew how many more hills there were. At about 2.25 miles I saw a woman who I thought was Tina S- a USC woman who I have never beat, who is a few years older than I am. I wasn't sure if it was her, but then I heard someone yell 'Go Tina'. At this point we were running on opposite sides of the road- my in the middle, she on the outside. I had this who conversation in my head about how I COULD do it, just to run with her, and take my time getting ahead of her. I did get ahead of her with about a .25 miles to go. This is where I think it really helps to know the course, b/c the Giant Eagle sign was in view, but I know that the finish was still .1 beyond it. I set my sights on a woman who looked a little older than myself who was ahead of me, and did not look back.

Just before the finish, a younger girl caught up and passed me. Again, the internal conversation. In the past, I would have just let her take me, but I am trying to be mentally as well as physically tough, so I dug deep, and passed both the younger and older woman right at the finish. The younger girl was kind enough to congratulate me, and thank me for pacing her during the race. That was a nice compliment. My watch said 22:06. Official time was 22:21. Not a PR, but a PB for the course. yea!

They didn't get the results up for quite some time. Ran into Jim Wilding, and asked him if he would pick up an award, should I have one, since we were heading up to Seven Springs. He was nice enough to do so. Got 1st in my AG!

I also got an email from a friend who said her brother-in-law told her I won my AG, and that I 'beat him by 16 seconds'. It was nice that she sent a congrats email, and nicer that I beat him. (tee hee!)

Had too much fun at Seven Springs with the Halls and Engels. Kids had an amazing time, and we had fun with campfire, sparklers, and 'Ticket to Ride' game.

I am still on the running every other day plan. I think I'm going to go see the Dr. to get the knee checked out to make sure everything is ok in there before I start the marathon training. I am actually debating doing a 1/2 marathon program for the Ikea race, then continuing with a 10 week marathon plan. We'll see. Due to the two vacations, a shorter plan might be in order.

I will most likely not race again until the Ikea race, but might do another 5K for speed workout.

Monday, June 30, 2008

You Never Know When Life is Going to Bite you on the Ass!

So, it finally happened to me-- after 17 years of running, TODAY I was attacked and bit by a dog-- on the *SS! Not the first time this dog has come after me, and thus I don't run on this street very often, but he ran right past his owner, crossed the street, teeth bared, growling. I, of course, turned away, and he bit me! There are marks on my skin, and one almost broke the skin.The jack*ss just stood there and said 'I'm sorry'. am thinking he should have to by me a new pair of running shoes at least!

Of course it turns out DH knows him- I filed a police report anyway-- I'm not letting the Club prevent me from my basic rights. Also want to make sure damn dog is up to date on his shots, b/c there is one welt which almost broke the skin. Bruise is now pretty purple color.

Sure makes getting up early to run look fun, eh?

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Unique and Important Run

Thursday I did speedwork for the 1st time since the marathon. Did it on the treadmill, which I have decided is going to be my 'necessary evil' for speed/tempo running. Did 1 mile warmup, then 1 x 600, 1 x 700, 1 x 800, 1 x 700, 1 x 600, all at paces between 6:58 and 6:49. Felt great during, and the knee did not hurt. Have been doing weight training 2x a week, and will add another day or two of ten minutes of core work to the routine. Am getting frustrated that it is taking so long to lose this weight.

I had a very interesting run yesterday.

Started out on a soft trail I like to run longer runs on, and was planning to do 8M today, did my first speedwork since the marathon on Thursday and wanted to see how the knee would feel after the speedwork. I had my fuel belt on, which drives me crazy, but with the humidity at 3:00 this afternoon, was a necessary evil.

So, after the 1st two miles, my right knee was hurting, not aching, but hurting. I was pissed, and stopped to walk a bit. I ran two more miles, then started thinking "what the hell am I doing, I can't get hurt at this stage" and then walked another 1/4 mile or so, and was going to call it a day. So, I got back to my car, ditched the fuel belt and these little IT Band straps I wear on my knees (VERY sexy, BTW) and decided to at least get a good walk in. I started running again after a little bit, the knee felt better. I ended up doing six more miles, for a total of 10, and the knee felt great!

Obviously an unique run, but also important for two reasons:
1) I was willing/able to STOP when the knee hurt, and
2) Gave it a second chance and stuck with the run, albeit at a walk/run pace for the first 4 miles.

Overall pace was 9:31, which also was surprising and motivating. Knee feels good today!

Went out for sushi w/DH last night-- yummy dinner and good chat. Mistake was going to the Club for another drink. Oh well.

Boys have a b-day party later today, and we are going to Church in awhile. Yucky weather, nice lazy day.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Back at it!

RR: ran 4 easy Friday and 5 today. Knee feels MUCH better. I am going to run every other day for the next couple of weeks, and see how things go. It will be interesting to see how the 5K on 4th of July is, b/c I have not done any speedwork since April. Might have to do some 800s next week.

NRR: Have vowed to lose these damn 4 pounds-- 1 down, 3 to go. Frustrating, but all it takes is willpower, right?

Boys start playground camp and acting camp this week-- yea! Tommy is also doing the golf clinic, so they will be busy, and I will have some time to myself again-- which I desperately need.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Take it Easy...

So- the mileage challenge was not the best thing for my old legs-- ran 28 miles last week, but have not run since Friday and its Tuesday. Knees have been hurting in different places, so I am taking it easy this week.

Today is GNO, so I am planning to swim, then take the Group Power class at Healthtrax before the drinks/dinner at the Club. I'm not sure if the Group Power is messing with my knees, or the ramped-up mileage. Am going to take it back to 20 mpw for the rest of June, then slowly build to the first week of training for Philly.

I am planning to do Pfitz again, but might modify it to a 15 week program, mostly due to the vacations we are taking-- I don't want to be obsessing about mileage when we are in Washington visiting with the other families. We'll see--


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

June Mileage Challenge

Ok- so I haven't posted for awhile-- been going through some yucky emotional stuff, and this is not the place for venting about that- might have to start another log/blog somewhere else for all that crap.

Anyway, I feel as though I have had a renewed interest in running for running's sake: not training, just getting out there and doing whatever feels right for that day. Inspiration has come in two forms:
1) the June Mileage Challenge on RW online: I don't want to be a big slacker, and want to post mpw of 25,28,30,35 or somewhere in that realm for a goal total for the month of 130 miles. Most of these miles will be very slow, and I'm not even sure I'm going to get a race in due to the combination of lack of races, DH's golf and boys' baseball games. Oh well- I've got my eye on breaking 21:30 again at the 4th of July 5K, so that is the prize for now.

2) Trying to lose the weight that has creeped on since running the marathon, combined with Deep Creek/Birthday celebrations. Goal is to run at least 3M a day until the 3lbs. come off. We'll see how long THAT takes!

Have also been doing strength training classes at Healthtrax, which will hopefully benefit my running and overall physique. Although I don't harbor any hopes of being as thin as I was a few years ago, it would be nice to feel good in my fun outfits.

Go team north!

Sunday: 10M
Monday: 4.5M
Tuesday: 6.25M

Saturday, May 10, 2008

PMS: Post- Marathon Syndrome

Yes-- I've got it BAD! I'm not sure if its the letdown of the race being .25 miles too long ('adjusted' time is 3:47:07!) or the lack of structure that I anticipate over the next few weeks/months, or the fact that I'm finally letting in what happened with my brother last month.

ANYWAY-- I've been in the dumps big time! Ran 3M on both Th and Fr, and got up today to run but couldn't get it in b/c it was raining, the club wasn't open yet....

RR: I am really pleased with my adjusted time b/c that exceeds my secret goal time of 3:48. So, I should be really happy, right? I guess over time it will sink in.

A very busy weekend: boys had hockey tryouts this morning, which went well in the fact that they skated very well-- both of them, but not well in the fact that there might only be two teams next year at their level. This is something I have to let go b/c it is out of my hands.

Gotta go- everyone is here for the afternoon: mom, dad, Megan. Tommy has a baseball game, then we're going out shortly after that.

Happy Birthday to me- ugh!

Monday, May 5, 2008


3:49:18 That was the final chip time, good enough for Boston.

Saturday I got up after a good night's sleep, did some laundry, got the boys' schedules organized and took off for Cincy. Had a rainy drive out, talked with a few people on the way, and listened to a book on tape. Arrived w/out any problems, checked in and went over to the Expo. Oh, when I checked in they gave me a room by the elevator, so I asked for a quieter room, and was moved to the top floor of the hotel. Very nice.

Got in and out of the Expo w/out a problem. While I was there one of the RW forumites called, Danielle, and said they were going to the Pasta Dinner shortly. Went up to meet her. Also met up with EJ, another forumite. It was exciting to meet these people in real life, but a bit odd when you think about it.

Didn't have much for dinner- RG and her DH were sitting with Kevin from Elite Runners/Walkers so we chatted a bit about Pittsburgh. When I got back to the room I ordered some pasta/bread from room service and took a bath.

At this point, I was pretty sleepy, but was still concerned about my hamstring. Some of the girls from GNO called from the Derby Party, so I got to chat with them, and say good night to Bob, which was nice.

Got some sleep, a couple of hours at a time, probably about 5 in all, which is good. Got up at 4:00, at my bagel, had some coffee, and took another epsom salt bath. Debated putting more balm on my legs, but decided against it. Was not successful with 'waste removal' which would come into play later in the day :(

Drove over to the start, parked and headed into the stadium. It was open, which was nice, b/c I got to use the women's bathroom inside. Dropped my stuff at the car, dropped some stuff at the bag drop, and went to find the 3:50 pace group just about 10 minutes before the start.

As I was getting into line, they were making an announcement that the start was going to be delayed 15 minutes due to a fire on the course. They were most likely going ot re-route us, and were working on the course certifcation. Of course I thought 'they'd better get it right, or at least a bit over, for BQ purposes'. Folks at the start were talking about this. Made one more trip to the porta-potties, but still no luck.

The 3:50 pacer, Matt started out really slowly--1st mile was 9:19. He said 'we're going to pick it up a bit,' so I ran a little bit faster, and left him behind during the 2nd mile. Mile 2 was way too fast: 8:06. Slowed down during mile 3- too much 9:43, and then made up for it in mile 4, 8:15. So, after the 1st four miles, I was on pace with 35:25, but they had been haphazard miles. The pace leader was no where to be seen. I fell in step with a fellow who was wearing a Garmin, so I figured at least he'd be on a constant pace.

The next four miles were:
8:42,8:30, 9:01- hill, 8:41. Perfect pacing in my mind. This was the hilly section of the course, I felt great-- not breathing hard. Hamstring was a bother, but not painful. Somewhere during this part, around mile 5-6 or so, I had a feeling that I was going to get my BQ. My body felt great, pacing was going well, and I just had an overall good feeling.

The next 5 miles were: 8:28,8:24,8:47 8:28 and 9:14 (1st porta-potty break). That got me to the 1/2 way point with a 1:53, 1 minute ahead of the 3:50 pace. Aside from the porta-potty break, I felt great.

I had read in the Pftizinger book that miles 13-20 were, in his words, 'no man's land' of the marathon, but the time to dig deep and hold on to your pace. I had two more porta-potty stops to make, which was frustrating, b/c after losing a minute or so, I had to work pretty hard to catch back up with the folks I was running along with. Fortunately, one guy had a bright green jacket on- he was easy to spot. There were also two women in bright pink tops running together who I was pacing with. This part of the course wound around through some neighborhoods-- great crowd support. My plan was to not get too far ahead of myself, but to maintain pace until mile 20. Miles 13-20 were: 8:21,9:04 (potty), 8:39, 8:34,8:29, 8:50 (potty), 8:34. This got me to the 20-mile mark with about a minute, 30 seconds in the bank.

At the 20-mile mark, for the first time I felt confident I was going to get my 3:50. I started passing people, which felt so awesome, and was focusing on the next person to pass. There was a stretch along a highway which was pretty desolate, and I was glad to get that over with and head back towards Cincy. Miles 20-24: 8:39, 8:26, 9:05?, and 8:40. This put me at mile 24, with still 90 seconds in the bank. I was hoping to break 3:48 at this point.

We then wound through a small park, and past sort of a warehouse section, which I found out later was part of the re-routing. When I was running through it, I was wondering, b/c the crowds had really thinned out, and usually you had great crowds during the last few miles of a big marathon. Mile 25 was 8:39, and I still had my 90 seconds. My last two splits are a bit confusing. I think the first 3:34 is from mile 25 to 25.2, then they had a timing mat, and someone was yelling 'this is what you've trained for the past 4 months, this last mile', which really hit home with me. I was still passing people at this point, and at mile 26, looked down at my watch and it read 3:47-- I started freaking out a bit-- I didn't want to miss my 3:50 by 30 seconds after all those miles of great pacing, and with a 90 second cushion. I turned on my last cylinder, and got it done.

I have that last mile split at 7:52. Final time: 3:49:18-- my chip time matched my watch time exactly! I QUALIFIED FOR BOSTON!!! It was such a great feeling, especially after the debacle which was the NYC marathon. I set a goal, trained my @ss off, and got it done.

Crossing the finish line, for the first time I wished DH was there to give me a big hug. I was pretty emotional, and teared up a bit into my Flying Pig towel. Got my medal, and wandered back to the finish line to see if EJ was coming in shortly.

All the while I kept wondering what happened during that last mile. Of course I was super excited, but WTF? I couldn't imagine that last 1.2 miles I was running at 9:34 pace.

Got into the car, called DH, who was thrilled for me! I had several text messages from friends/family with congratulations, which was so wonderful.

The ensuing shower, checkout and drive home were sort of anti-climatic, but it was so great getting hugs from the boys and DH. We celebrated by going to Mad Mex, and all three of them told anyone who would listen about my race. Super cute.

Just before we went to dinner, I got on RW, and someone there had posted a link to an article which said the course was long, by about 1/4 mile. So, now being me, I am waiting with bated breath to see what is going to happen. Of course I am fine for Boston, b/c I got my BQ w/out the adjustment. YEA!!!!!

So- what next? I definitely want to run the Ikea and Butler Trail half marathons this fall. If Pittsburgh is coming back next year, I might put Boston off until 2010, and do Pittsburgh in 2009. We'll see.... for now I'm just enjoying the success.

Yea me!

Friday, May 2, 2008

AHHHH-- the freakout before the race!

Ok- so there is so much going on in my head right now I can't even focus on getting them down on paper, but I'll try.

Physical: worried hamstring/glute area will bother me from the first mile. also, worried that at some point my knees will start to kill me. Worried about running not only in pain, but obviously not finishing at my goal time. I have run over 650 miles in the past 19 weeks specifically for this Sunday's race. WOW! That' s a LOT of pressure.

Also-- concerned about how driving 4.5 hours tomorrow will affect me come race day. worried it will get too hot for the short sleeve top I am going to wear. Worried that if I wear sunscreen it will get in my eyes and burn my eyes, but if I don't I'll have a nasty sunburn on my forehead.

Also- I think I'm going to get my period at some point this weekend, so my hormones are ALL OVER the place! I feel gittery, on edge, and like I'm going to yell at anyone at any time. Also feel tired, and fat from eating so many carbs and drinking so much water. Worried I'm not getting enough electrolytes...

Mental: worried about how the kids are going to be for DH, and if it will be stressful on him tomorrow. Worried about falling asleep on Saturday night, and getting good sleep tonight.

OK- there are SOME of the things going through my head at a rapid rate at this moment. Getting them down certainly helps. Gotta focus on the things I can control, right?

That being said, I am getting EXCITED to run this thing!

Gotta go- kids need me--

Monday, April 28, 2008

Final Week.... last longish run

RR: After not running for 2 days, I headed out today for my last longish run. Pfitz called for 12M, but with the hamstring still not 100%, I opted for a little over 10M on some good hills. Have not run hills much since the 10K, so wanted to get some in. Not a blistering pace by any means (9:45 average), but felt really easy-- the way its supposed to.

I am getting a massage tomorrow afternoon, with specific work on the right leg. Hopefully things will feel better after that. I am mentally preparing myself to have only one more run on either Wednesday or Thursday, depending on how the leg feels.

So many folks on the RW forums are nursing injuries-- big and small. The thing with mine is, I know I can run the whole way with the leg feeling exactly like it does now, so anticipate it feeling better on Sunday.

NRR: Had MIL's big b-day celebration- things could not have gone better--she was really surprised, and we all had a great time. Had the SIL, BIL and nephew for the weekend- great fun. Pens are up 2-0 in the second round of the playoffs, so that makes everyone happy.

Gotta go--

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Stay the Course....

Ok- so I'm totally ripping off Field of Dreams with the quote, but got myself back on plan today (sort of) with a 16M long run. Was supposed to do it Sunday, but legs felt beat up after the race Saturday, and my right hamstring was sore, so I just did 7M easy on Sunday.

Today I was headed out to do 12M, but the weather was great, I had time, the H20 fountain was on, it just all sort of came together. Plus, I had encouragement to finish the Pfitz plan from LA Runner and Rina on the RW forum. thanks gals!

Best part: felt great, last 3 miles were MP or faster (8:36, 8:24, 8:46) and the hamstring is not sore! Go figure. I am really glad I got it in. I did this in lieu of a 3 x 1600 workout that was scheduled for today. I have to will myself to let that one go-- did the 7M Sunday, so the mileage is correct, and I know I have the speed to get me my 3:50. A 44:48 10K 'predicts' a 3:30 marathon. I'm not going for that, of course, but gives me a mental edge for the marathon.

I can't believe its almost here--- I just have to survive this weekend's partying w/out doing too much damage and try to get enough sleep to carry me through.

The weather has been really beautiful and its amazing how much it helps the mood around here!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

No FEAR today! New 10K PR!

Ok, so after the whole knee hurting and mental aspect of being afraid to go all out, I decided to go for it today in the Genesis Run the River 10K. It is a flat course, which I know to be a bit mis-marked. Weather was great- tshirt and shorts weather.

I did 1 10 minute warmup, then lined up near the front. Fell in early with two women during the first mile. 1st mile split was 6:23, but I remember it being a bit short from running this race before. In hindsight I wish I would have worn my Garmin.

Anyways, rather than freaking out about how fast I was going, I did a body check, everything felt good, and decided to keep up with these two ladies. Another guy fell in with us also.

One of the women started talking about her Ironman training, and how she was going to 'coast' today, and the other was talking about her flight up to Boston to run the marathon, so she too, was out for a tempo run. Meanwhile, I am breathing hard, yet keeping up well for the 2nd and part of the 3rd mile. It is hard to know what the splits were, so I relied on these ladies for pacing.

We went up over the overpass to Washington's Landing, then on the dirt path, which is really only room for single file running. I kept up until about the 3rd mile, then fell a bit behind. The guy passed me also, but I did not give up. Tried to keep the same distance behind the woman right ahead of me. We wound around Washington's Landing, and I think my 4th mile was pretty slow: almost 8 minutes (but again, who knows with the damn mile markers!). I dug in and reminded myself that I could do this. Goal: break 46 minutes, and hopefully old PR of 45:46.

Halfway through the 5th mile I heard someone behind me. Normally I would let up and let the person pass me if they are breathing down my neck, but kept ahead of her for another 1/2 mile. Then, she passed me around the beginning of the 6th mile and I kept on her as best as I could. The last 1/2 mile I knew I was pretty close to a PR based on my watch, and had to work hard to keep up the pace. Got a bit of a side stitch, but not too bad to slow up. Mentally I kept telling myself: you can do this, you can do this.

Finished, very tired, and HAPPY: 44:48-- almost a MINUTE faster than my old PR, which was from 2003, when I was thinner and running fewer, faster miles in training.

I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF! As much for the mental victory as the physical victory. At one point, I actually found myself thinking that I don't want to PR by too much, b/c I won't be able to go this fast again, but conquered those negative thoughts.... YEA ME!

DH was really proud of me too!

Am a bit sore on my right leg between the hip and quad area, so will stretch out well tonight.

An added bonus: I got 1st in my Age Group!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

What a Difference a Day Makes!

My knee feels SO MUCH better today! I iced it last night 2x, and then took some tylenol PM and it feels great! The tingles have subsided also, but woke up with my hands tingling... WTF?

Anyway, am going to race tomorrow, and am looking forward to it. The weather is supposed to be beautiful, and it will be nice to be downtown for the morning.

I am going to keep my dr. appt. for Tuesday, just in case. If the tingles are gone by then, I can always cancel that morning.

I do think I am going to cut my scheduled 16 mile run on Sunday down to 12-14, depending on how the knee is feeling. I can also always take Sunday off, and run 4 days this week and the following two. I have to remind myself that the training is done! However, have read that a last long run 10 days out will be beneficial, so think I might change up my schedule a bit to allow for that to happen.



Workouts-- this week I've had 3 runs: Tuesday I did 11 Yasso 800s- all at or faster than 3:50, so that is one more indicator that I am ready to run a 3:50 at the Flying Pig. Now, only 17 days to go, and that tingling feeling is back in my lower leg. Of course. I ignored it for 2 days, and today finally made a Dr. appt. for next Tuesday. I figure if it still is tingly, I'll get the cortisteroid treatment and hope for the best. Thing is, the tingling in itself doesn't hurt of harm my running, it is the FEAR that the IT Band flaring up is next.

Have not nor will not say anything to anyone about this... hoping it goes away on its own. Thing is, I did some stretching after my workout Tuesday, and BOOM! then it starts acting up. Alway stay with what is working, right?

Ran two recovery runs: 3.5 and 4.6 miles. Have a 10K Saturday at which I am going ALL OUT-- hoping for a PR of 45:30 or better. Figure I'll go all out, then run 14 or so on Saturday at a slow pace. Am not going to do too much, and sticking with the taper.

Am trying not to get down about my foot--

NRR: Tax Season is over! We all survived and DH is in much better spirits! As always, there will be a slight adjustment having him around for dinner again-- good for the boys-- for me-- having to cook again. UGH- definitely my weakest item on the 'good wife' checklist.

Weather has finally turned to spring... complete with seasonal allergies and both boys wheezing a bit-- not enough to keep them from their activities- yea!

Pens won the 1st round of the playoffs in 4 games-- fun watching with DH and boys-- hope they continue to play well.


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Time to Taper!

So- three weeks to go until the Flying Pig, and I got 46 miles in this week. Yesterday 4 miles recovery, then today I did 8.5 with 4M on hills at 9:22-9:30, and then 2M at MP for good measure. Was cold/rainy so hit the treadmill. I should have run outside, but at this point, why? Only bad things could result.

Next weekend I get to race! Am curious to see how the 10K goes-- will run it all out, and how to break 46:00, which I have not done in almost 5 years. Would love to PR at that distance.

NRR: The MIL b-day dinner continues to be a much-discussed event. Had a busy weekend with the boys' sports schedules, and DH worked yesterday, but not today.

Looking forward to a day off from running tomorrow, although it will be busy with the jump rope-a-thon at school, followed by Tommy's skating, then piano lessons.

Friday, April 11, 2008

The Horse is in the Barn!

Well, things couldn't have gone much better during my run yesterday: ended up going to the Montour Trail; closer, porta-potties, and with the Garmin, was sure about mileage. Ran 21 total: 5M splits were:
1-5: 48:46
6-10: 47:51
11-15: 45:51
16:20: 43:35
21: 10:57

Was really pleased with the splits, as the last 5M were at MP: 8:42, I need a MP of 8:45 to break 3:50. The last 3 miles were rough going, but I got it done. During the last 2 miles there was a slower runner ahead of me who provided motivation-- to catch him during the last mile or so.

Did the 'extra' mile as a warmdown-- what the heck?

Also, was pleased b/c I did not have enough sports beans for the entire run, so used Clif Bar, and that seemed to work. Could have used more water. The weather was perfect: sunny and around 50 degrees-- I actually got a sunburn!

So--- got that last long run in without hurting the IT Band- this is a huge mental boost for me as well- this was the run I aggravated my IT Band on last training cycle. Everything feels good today.

NRR: the kids don't have school today, so I have a sitter coming and am going to get a well-deserved massage! DH is working like a dog, and I have basically been a single mom this week-- that will continue to the weekend.

My folks leave for Chinga today-- am so excited for my mom to be making this trip-- she said two of her lifetime goals were to 1) have a ski pass to a western ski resort-- done, and
2) walk on the Great Wall of China-- going to do this trip! It was a long time getting my dad to come around, but I think they will have a good trip.

This weekend I have two more runs, to get in the 46 miles for the week- then the taper officially begins... although with Pfitz it is not much of a taper. I am looking forward to racing next weekend.


Another week stronger

From April 8th--

RR: Got the rest of my miles in last week- another 50 mile week! That makes two for the training cycle. I definitely felt it by the medium long run on Saturaday, but ran 9M at the Jail Trail, so it was flat. My LR last week was another very hilly run--- felt good to get it done, and my pace was 9:38 overall, so 60 seconds more than race pace-- good!

Did my speedwork Tuesday: 8.5M with 4 x 1200 at 7:05 pace. Was pretty tired after the 4th 1200, but again, I'm on the treadmill, so I don't know how it would feel on the track. Might have to do some track work after the marathon to really work on my speed.Tomorrow is recovery, then the last 20miler before the Pig is Thursday. Had to move things around due to no school for the boys on Friday, but was able to do so. Am going to drive up to North Park, and do laps around the lake. Has served me well with my MP runs. Plan is to start at 10:00 mile, and increase pace a bit for each 5M loop around the lake. Hope the weather is going to be good.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Pfitz is kicking my butt!

Ok, so today was the first day in a really long time that I did NOT feel like running.
It was cold. Again.
I was on the clock. Again
I had to run a very hilly course Again.

I know all these things make me stronger, but I would really like a day when I can go out to the trail, in my shorts, with time to spare, and run a nice flat medium or long run. Again- I know the hills will really help on the Flying Pig course, but after yestereday's speed workout, my legs were bit dead. I actually PM's a RW forumite and asked him how he was doing this week-- same week of training as I am, and he said his legs were feeling it also. Made me feel a bit better.

I am going to get in the required 50 miles this week- on 6 days of running- I just have this week and next with really high mileage, then the taper starts.

Things with DH at work are also pretty tough, so the stress level around here has been HIGH this week. Hoping for a better day today.....

How the heck do they run that fast?

RR: today I 'made up' a workout I was suppposed to do last week: 7M w/ 5 x1000 @ 5K pace. Did is just above 5K pace: 7:08 for three of them and 7:03 for the final two. Reasons:
1) my 5K pace of 6:54 is based on a downhill race, and 2) I don't need speed for my BQ, mostly endurance. Yet, I am following the Pftiz plan!

Got them in, really no problem, but halfway through started thinking: how the heck do people run this fast? I mean, normal people- people with jobs, kids, etc. Not elite athletes, but they must have some God-given talent towards running, yes? How the heck do they run that fast for 26.2 miles? Better yet, for 5 miles in a row? I don't think I could ever be that fast. It really helps getting in your miles when your LR pace is 7:45, not 9:45!

Tomorrow I have an 10 mile run. Then 16 on Friday. Am sticking with my 10% rule for the Pfitz plan-- I am VERY conscious of the fact that I was still doing fine in my training at this point last time. I think if I can get all of my runs in w/out hurting my knee, the mental edge for me will be great when I line up at the Flying Pig marathon.

NRR: First day with a new student teacher to supervise. Was not too sure how he would do, as he did not knock my socks off during the Methods course. He did really well! Kids were engaged, and the lesson was very interesting. Every time I'm in a school I start thinking about getting back into the classroom. But that is another thought process entirely......


Monday, March 31, 2008

I did it! 15M @ MP!

Saturday's race went great! The weather was good- sunny, if not a bit cold, and the race was bigger than ever. The 30K group started 1/2 mile back from the rest, and the fact that there were 5K folks, 1/2 marathon runners and walkers made things interesting to say the least.

Finally got my splits this morning and YEA! the 15M went at average pace of 8:34, but more importantly the 5M splits were: 43:08,43:06, and 42:16, so the last 5 miles of the 18 were faster than any of the previous 5M splits-- yea! Most importantly, I felt great the entire time!

Got 2nd in my AG, and 75th out of 131 30K runners-- not bad considering the first 3.6 miles were at a very slow pace-10 minutes miles. I am so fired up!

This really gets me fired up for the last two hard weeks of training--

NRR: went out to Bistro 19 with a very fun group of friends-- had an amazing time, but was way overserved... then came home to a l-o-n-g discussion with SIL and DH about MIL b-day dinner and how messed up their family is. UGH--- as my mom would say-- they are my 'cross to bear'.

RR: not sure how am going to modify this week's mileage. Sadly, a good deal of it depends on what time the dishwasher guy shows up, and how much time I have left. Oh well.


Thursday, March 27, 2008

More thoughts on 30K

OK- so I've been thinking a great deal about this race/run tomorrow. According to the McMillan calculator, my 1/2 time of 1:40:45 (which felt great in the fall) predicts a same-effort result of 3:32 in the marathon. Well, there is no way I'm going to be able to handle 26.2 miles at 8:07 pace, not in this training cycle.

I have to remember my #1 goal for the Flying Pig marathon is to BQ: which is 3:50, which if I run all the miles at 8:45, gets me my goal. Often I think this goal is too conservative, given the training program I am working on, but I have to make sure I get my #1 goal.

So- I am going to play it a bit more conservatively tomorrow, especially during the 1st 10 miles of the 15M at MP. I am going to try and do the 1st 5M at 8:45, 2nd 5M at 8:40, and then give the last 5M whatever I might have left, but staying between 8:30-8:45. This is not my goal race, but I really, really want that BQ!

Interestingly enough, a 5-second per mile increase, from 8:45 to 8:40, only translated into a 2-minute difference in time. So- I'm going to take it nice and slow during the 1st 3.6 miles, then ramp it up for the remaining 15M.

Back in the Saddle

RR: Got back into the Pfitzinger training program this week: runs past few days

T: 8M at 9:20- GA pace, felt great-nice day
W: 8M w/ 5 x 600 at 5K pace: 7:03, 7:03, 6:58, 6:5, 6:45. Found out later had misread schedule-they were supposed to be 5 x 1000. Guess I'll have to make that up next week!
Th: 8M on treadmill- 4M were hill workout. LR pace: average 9:45

Went to pick up my packet for the 30K this weekend. I am getting more nervous about this race/training run. If I can do the 15M at MP, I will feel so confident about the Flying Pig marathon. Am going to shoot for the 15M as 5M at 8:40, 5M at 8:35, and 5M at 8:32ish. Should be ok weather. Got some new running shoes also.

NRR: ran into a snafu with pricing for MIL's b-day party. Going to be much more $$$$ than we originally thought. Oh well- if somebody else wants to plan something else, they can.
Should be a great event. Still have to find another babysitter, and had to buy a new dishwasher this week. Oh joy, Oh bliss, oh rapture.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Re-entry and Easter...

NRR: Re-entry from Colorado was relatively easy- DH picked us up at the airport, and we went directly to the hockey rink for a Development League game-- good for the kids to get moving again, good for DH to see boys play hockey.

Saturday MIL and SIL took boys for the Easter-egg dying, and to see Horton Hears a Who. DH and I went to see the Penguins crush the Devils 7-1. First true Date Night in some time-- very fun- sushi beforehand for dinner. Had wine for first time since Lent began- yum!

Danny got his glasses on Saturday- things are going well-- he seems to be adjusting to them well, and thanks to Harry Potter, thinks he's quite the thing!

Today- Monday still no school so took the kids to the Zoo with JE and LE-- due to weather saw some great Zoo action! Very fun.

RR: snowing Saturday here- couldn't bring myself to run outside. Did 12M on treadmill with 3 miles of good hills, followed by the last 3 miles at increasing pace-- up to 8:20/mile. Felt good!
Sunday- 5M easy- GA pace- 9:35 or so. Total for the week a weak 22 miles, but felt it was a needed break. Skied hard 2 days as well. I feel as though the flu has finally taken its leave.

Back to the Pftiz plan tomorrow-- I haven't even checked the book lately! Have JASR Saturday, which will be 30K with 15 miles at MP. Hope it goes well!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Colorado was... an experience! Got the flu/altitude sickness the second day, and, for the first time in 12 years of vacations, skipped a day of skiing due to MY illness. YUCK!

Started feeling better Monday, which led to a 4-day ski-fest with great weather and snow! Tommy and Danny really both made big strides-- Tommy ended up in Copper Bowl with his ski school class... one of my best memories was when I was waiting in line for the Poma lift, and I hear this 'Hi Mama' as Tommy and his class skied by into Lower Enchanted Forest. Had great times skiing solo with both boys the last two days.
For Danny's black diamond experience, we mistakenly took a very hard mogul run-- he did great! He 'rested' a few times, and had a BIG smile on his face when he was finished.
RR: only ran once while in Colorado, 5 miles in a blizzard- really! Felt good to be off schedule for a few days, and I think I needed to fully recover from what was ailing me! Skied hard 2 days, so that must count for something.
I am looking forward to getting back on schedule for next week.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Hilly LR and Packing for Colorado!

RR: Yesterday Danny was not feeling so hot in the am, so I let him sleep in, and he just went to kindergarten, not K-Plus. So, my am LR became a PM LR, and the weather was great! Very windy, and I ended up doing a very hilly run-- into Mt. Lebanon- I ran most of the Martha's Run course, up and down Bower Hill Road, and also near Coffee Tree in Mt. Lebo. Made it back to my car (parked at school) just in time to see the boys get on the bus. The hills/wind slowed me down a bit, but I am starting to fear the hills in the Flying Pig- not for difficulty, but for time. 16 miles!

Today I am going to do an easy 6 on the trail-- give the legs a break.

Am in the process of packing for our Colorado trip- leave tomorrow for skiing with mom and dad! Looking forward to it, and I think the timing is great as far as training goes. I'll have an easy week, get two good runs in next weekend, then have 6 weeks to go until the race! YEA!

Also, going away with the kids during this part of tax season is a stroke of genius! Note to self: always go somewhere for Spring Break, even if its just to my parents for a couple of days, or Chicago.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

50 MPW

RR: Last week I ended up logging 50 miles-- that has to be the most I've ever run in a week! The sinus infection kept me dragging a bit, but I got through it.

Weekend was great-- I had the boys for Floor Hockey and Ice Hockey practice Saturday, then went to see the Other Boleyn Girl- solo. OK movie-- the Showtime Tudors is better.

Sunday was the boys parent/child hockey game. DH played, and had a huge smile on his face the entire time. One of the other moms and I ran the bench, which was quite a challenge. I think all the parents involved gained new respect for the coaches/kids who make up the team.

One thing we learned later that day was the boys will not be on the same team next year. It is best for them, however, will be a real extra time commitment for Bob and I.

Gotta go- Tommy needs me-- he's outside playing hockey-- off course!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I just ran 20 miles!

Wasn't sure if I was going to go for it today, after the sinus infection, and being on antibiotics, but decided to go ahead and try. The weather was supposed to be great, and was- low 30s at the beginning, and in the mid 30s by the time I finished. Ran to the HS track- did a few miles around the track, then had to make a pit stop at Westminster Church. Went up by Eisenhower, then down a few miles into Mt. Lebanon, and back. The hill on Rt. 19, which I hit at mile 17, was a KILLER, but I powered through it, knowing it will help on race day.

My pace was slower than I would have liked: 10:03/m average, but my goal was to get in the miles. I think I will do the next 20 miler on the trail- easier on the knees.

I felt pretty nauseous a couple of hours after the run, but drank some gatorade, and feel better. Still have a headache. I might post on RW about running and antibiotics.

NRR: Tommy is going to a b-day party today at the Sno Zone- tubing. Bob is in Ohio for the night, so Danny and I will have a 'date' for dinner. Gotta go get them ready for tubing!

Minor Setback?

RR: Today is Wednesday, a 'rest' day in what is supposed to be my high-mileage week for this training cycle. Monday did 5 recovery. Yesterday did a hard 11M w/7M at 1/2 marathon pace. Since I am training to run technically slower' than my ability (according to the McMillan calculator) I wasn't sure which 1/2 marathon pace to use. The 1/2 pace based on my goal time is 8:09 per mile, but I started at 8:00, ended at 7:30, with the average pace per mile at 7:47. A pretty good workout, especially considering I found out later in the day I have a sinus infection.

Got my meds, am feeling better today, and am still going to try my 20miler tomorrow. If I feel really badly, I will cut it back to 17, and do the 20 next week. Am not going to obsess about it.

Family news: Danny is getting glasses! He is excited, and I of course am taken back to every taunt and negative comment that was directed my way as a child. Hopefully Harry Potter has helped make glasses less of a stigma. He does not have to wear them for hockey, so we'll see how it goes. He got some sturdy glasses that do make him look like HP, so we'll see how it goes. They won't be in for a week or so.

Am planning a 70th b-day dinner for my MIL-- things are going along nicely, so we'll see how it all turns out. Interesting how I end up handling most of this....


Monday, March 3, 2008

Hockey Weekend!

So... last weekend was the year-end Hockey Tournament for the boys. Two days... three games- lots of great fun! They beat their rival team (if 7 yr. olds can have rivals), and Tommy scored his first goal! I must admit, I involuntarily teared up when he scored. I actually saw the shot, the goal, and his elation! He had two assists also. Danny also played well, and has earned great respect from his coaches. Saturday was capped off by a fun dinner at Molly Brannigans restaurant with two other families.

RR: Ran 5 miles early Sunday easy. Total for the week: 39.5. It was a cutback week.

Today starts the highest mileage week I will run during this training cycle: 50M. Did 5 easy today outside-- the weather was awesome! Tomorrow is 11 w/ 7 at 1/2 marathon pace: I will most likely to the warmup/cooldown outside the the tempo part on the treadmill.

Found out today that Danny needs glasses: we ordered them. He is excited. I am in a bit of a crisis. I have to digest this a bit. Good thing they will take a week to arrive.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Running in a Snowstorm

Yes, I was the crazy lady out there running in the snowstorm today. It was not my intent, but 8 miles into a 14 mile run it started snowing pretty hard. At first it was fun, then it got 'slippy' as they say here in Pittsburgh. My car was waiting for me at the Sears, so I could not really go anywhere other than there. Felt good to be done.

14 miles in 2:19-- slower than usual, but I got it in!

We have a hockey tournament this weekend, so I hope to get up early Sunday (before the game)

The only thing constant is change

Today I dropped the minivan off for state inspection, and ran home 2.5 miles. Will run back to pick up car. Recovery =5M total.

Did my run home without watch or Ipod-- just me in the 20 degree weather. Got to thinking about how things are changing again with the boys' schedules, and how it seems like whenever I get things under control, something happens to shake things up a bit.

When they were babies, the change was constant: new feeding schedules, new sleeping schedules, playdates, etc. We were kept hostage by the ever-changing needs of the boys as infants, then toddlers. I was able to carve time out for myself due to naps, help from family, and sitters. Some days it was all I could do to hang in there until-- ahhh.. bedtime, which held constant for years between 7:00-7:30. Time after the kids were in bed was precious: time to workout, hang out with Bob, or get the ugh.. laundry done.

Now, however, this has all changed. 7:30 got pushed back to 8:00, and then Tommy often had trouble falling asleep- lying up there sometimes until 10:00 pm. So, in an effort to assist him with getting to sleep, combined with his newly-acquired ability to read, Tommy now gets 30-45 minutes at night to read. The caveat, however, is that he need someone to help him with words.

Don't get me wrong- I LOVE lying beside him and reading-- it is relaxing, and he truly enjoys his books, as do I. The adjustment part is that he is not usually tucked in/lights out these days until 9:00. Again, time to readjust MY schedule. Truth be told: I'm still held hostage by the schedules of everyone else in the family, but there is more time overall.

With the marathon training taking up a great deal of my 'free' time, 2 hr. delays and schedules changes figure much more strongly into the overall equation of our family dynamic. Learning to roll with it does not come easy, but I'm getting there.

Change is good, isn't it?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Another 2 hr. delay and VO2 workout

Ok- ANOTHER 2 hr. delay for the boys today. In some ways it is nice- we get to sleep in, have a great cuddle, a leisurely breakfast and they get to relax a watch a show (current favorite: the Mr. Men Show) before Tommy heads off the school.

The down side: it cuts in MY day-- only had 2 hrs. today bus to bus.

Workout- VO2 3.5 M warmup
5 x 600 at 7:03/6:58 pace- 2 min. recovery
2M warmdown: Total 8.5 miles

The 5 x 600s felt pretty good- it would be interesting to see how this workout would be on the track or bike trail-- I tend to think in some ways it is cheating a bit by doing the speedwork on the treadmill, but it works for me!

Gotta go- I hear th bus--

Blog Post #1

Hi- I am going to give this a go! I hope to use this blog mainly to record my running and training, with a sampling of 'deep thoughts' thrown in. One of the benefits to running for me is time alone: far from the other demands on my time: family, work, the house and all the little daily dramas that seem to occur at the most inopportune times. I tend to have all these great ideas/thoughts/self-reflections during my runs, and no where to put them.

I am currently training for the Flying Pig marathon, which is May 4, 2008; or more importantly, nine weeks and 5 days from today. I am following Pfitzinger's 18/55 plan, but have modified it to sort of a 19/50 plan, to suit my needs and schedule.

Today was to be 8 miles, but due to our final Paddle Tennis match and party, along with ANOTHER 2-hr. delay, I only got in 6.5 miles on the treadmill over at the Fitness Center at the Country Club. Had to get it in at 6 am, since the rest of the day was booked.

I am starting this blog today also because my baby turned 6 years old today! Officially I have children, not babies nor toddlers. The reality of this hit me in full force, and I will address this in more detail some other time. Danny has his friend Will over to play, and we are having a special menu for dinner tonight that he selected: chips, mexican pizza (quesadilla), pineapple, cake and ice cream. Bob is out of town tonight for work: it is 'attack season' again.

My sweet little guy has had a great birthday celebration: party for friends at the Zoo, family party here, Penguins game with Daddy and Tommy, and now a special playdate/dinner. It is great to treat him to special events- he really appreciates them!

Happy Birthday Danny!