Monday, March 3, 2008

Hockey Weekend!

So... last weekend was the year-end Hockey Tournament for the boys. Two days... three games- lots of great fun! They beat their rival team (if 7 yr. olds can have rivals), and Tommy scored his first goal! I must admit, I involuntarily teared up when he scored. I actually saw the shot, the goal, and his elation! He had two assists also. Danny also played well, and has earned great respect from his coaches. Saturday was capped off by a fun dinner at Molly Brannigans restaurant with two other families.

RR: Ran 5 miles early Sunday easy. Total for the week: 39.5. It was a cutback week.

Today starts the highest mileage week I will run during this training cycle: 50M. Did 5 easy today outside-- the weather was awesome! Tomorrow is 11 w/ 7 at 1/2 marathon pace: I will most likely to the warmup/cooldown outside the the tempo part on the treadmill.

Found out today that Danny needs glasses: we ordered them. He is excited. I am in a bit of a crisis. I have to digest this a bit. Good thing they will take a week to arrive.

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