Sunday, March 23, 2008

Colorado was... an experience! Got the flu/altitude sickness the second day, and, for the first time in 12 years of vacations, skipped a day of skiing due to MY illness. YUCK!

Started feeling better Monday, which led to a 4-day ski-fest with great weather and snow! Tommy and Danny really both made big strides-- Tommy ended up in Copper Bowl with his ski school class... one of my best memories was when I was waiting in line for the Poma lift, and I hear this 'Hi Mama' as Tommy and his class skied by into Lower Enchanted Forest. Had great times skiing solo with both boys the last two days.
For Danny's black diamond experience, we mistakenly took a very hard mogul run-- he did great! He 'rested' a few times, and had a BIG smile on his face when he was finished.
RR: only ran once while in Colorado, 5 miles in a blizzard- really! Felt good to be off schedule for a few days, and I think I needed to fully recover from what was ailing me! Skied hard 2 days, so that must count for something.
I am looking forward to getting back on schedule for next week.

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