Friday, March 14, 2008

Hilly LR and Packing for Colorado!

RR: Yesterday Danny was not feeling so hot in the am, so I let him sleep in, and he just went to kindergarten, not K-Plus. So, my am LR became a PM LR, and the weather was great! Very windy, and I ended up doing a very hilly run-- into Mt. Lebanon- I ran most of the Martha's Run course, up and down Bower Hill Road, and also near Coffee Tree in Mt. Lebo. Made it back to my car (parked at school) just in time to see the boys get on the bus. The hills/wind slowed me down a bit, but I am starting to fear the hills in the Flying Pig- not for difficulty, but for time. 16 miles!

Today I am going to do an easy 6 on the trail-- give the legs a break.

Am in the process of packing for our Colorado trip- leave tomorrow for skiing with mom and dad! Looking forward to it, and I think the timing is great as far as training goes. I'll have an easy week, get two good runs in next weekend, then have 6 weeks to go until the race! YEA!

Also, going away with the kids during this part of tax season is a stroke of genius! Note to self: always go somewhere for Spring Break, even if its just to my parents for a couple of days, or Chicago.

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