Tuesday, March 11, 2008

50 MPW

RR: Last week I ended up logging 50 miles-- that has to be the most I've ever run in a week! The sinus infection kept me dragging a bit, but I got through it.

Weekend was great-- I had the boys for Floor Hockey and Ice Hockey practice Saturday, then went to see the Other Boleyn Girl- solo. OK movie-- the Showtime Tudors is better.

Sunday was the boys parent/child hockey game. DH played, and had a huge smile on his face the entire time. One of the other moms and I ran the bench, which was quite a challenge. I think all the parents involved gained new respect for the coaches/kids who make up the team.

One thing we learned later that day was the boys will not be on the same team next year. It is best for them, however, will be a real extra time commitment for Bob and I.

Gotta go- Tommy needs me-- he's outside playing hockey-- off course!

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