Monday, March 31, 2008

I did it! 15M @ MP!

Saturday's race went great! The weather was good- sunny, if not a bit cold, and the race was bigger than ever. The 30K group started 1/2 mile back from the rest, and the fact that there were 5K folks, 1/2 marathon runners and walkers made things interesting to say the least.

Finally got my splits this morning and YEA! the 15M went at average pace of 8:34, but more importantly the 5M splits were: 43:08,43:06, and 42:16, so the last 5 miles of the 18 were faster than any of the previous 5M splits-- yea! Most importantly, I felt great the entire time!

Got 2nd in my AG, and 75th out of 131 30K runners-- not bad considering the first 3.6 miles were at a very slow pace-10 minutes miles. I am so fired up!

This really gets me fired up for the last two hard weeks of training--

NRR: went out to Bistro 19 with a very fun group of friends-- had an amazing time, but was way overserved... then came home to a l-o-n-g discussion with SIL and DH about MIL b-day dinner and how messed up their family is. UGH--- as my mom would say-- they are my 'cross to bear'.

RR: not sure how am going to modify this week's mileage. Sadly, a good deal of it depends on what time the dishwasher guy shows up, and how much time I have left. Oh well.


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