Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I just ran 20 miles!

Wasn't sure if I was going to go for it today, after the sinus infection, and being on antibiotics, but decided to go ahead and try. The weather was supposed to be great, and was- low 30s at the beginning, and in the mid 30s by the time I finished. Ran to the HS track- did a few miles around the track, then had to make a pit stop at Westminster Church. Went up by Eisenhower, then down a few miles into Mt. Lebanon, and back. The hill on Rt. 19, which I hit at mile 17, was a KILLER, but I powered through it, knowing it will help on race day.

My pace was slower than I would have liked: 10:03/m average, but my goal was to get in the miles. I think I will do the next 20 miler on the trail- easier on the knees.

I felt pretty nauseous a couple of hours after the run, but drank some gatorade, and feel better. Still have a headache. I might post on RW about running and antibiotics.

NRR: Tommy is going to a b-day party today at the Sno Zone- tubing. Bob is in Ohio for the night, so Danny and I will have a 'date' for dinner. Gotta go get them ready for tubing!

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