Sunday, July 13, 2008

Running again!

Ok- so I did 4 miles on the TM yesterday in 37:20 (9:20) pace. Knee twinged a bit from time to time, but did not hurt, nor did it hurt afterwards or today- yea! My body wanted to go longer and faster, but I held myself back.

Swim 1500 meters in the afternoon before GNO.

Plan is to do PT 1x a week going forward, do the stretches daily, and get my mileage slowly back up and do a 14 week program after we get back from Washington/Oregon trip. I think this actually might end up being better for everyone, as I know DH will be happier if I'm not stressing out about completing certain runs while we are on vacation.

Am going to check out Pfitz 12/55 and modify it for 14 weeks. Probably just add two more weeks of base building.

Am now wondering whether or not I should do the IKEA half marathon. I have not been in town the past 5 years to do it, and we are in town this year, so I would hate to miss it, but also don't want to get hurt. Because it is a big one, I think I would only do it as an all-out race, not as a MP run (ego!)

Tomorrow is my first PT appt. Hope to start running every other day next week.

IT Band-- Round 3?

Ok- so after that great 5K, my knee started to hurt-- BADLY! In a new place, of course. Have not run since the 4th, went to the dr. (hot doc!) and he said that there is no physical damage to the IT Band, but it is hurting where it connects to the bone. He gave me a prescription for PT therapy and said I should try and lay off the running 'as long as possible'.

He did mention how we runners tend to beat up our bodies, which is funny, b/c he is a gym rat, and I'm not sure lifting heavy weights is any better for you than running. He also reminded me that the speedwork/racing is much harder on the ITBand b/c of all the pounding.

So- I did not run for ELEVEN DAYS!!!! I think that is the longest in a year! I did some swimming, walking, but that was about it. It actually worked out well, b/c the BIL,SIL, nephew were in town for the SCCC Invitational. We had a great visit- nephew is too cute, and my boys were great with him.

Dinner-dance was fun, SIL is pregnant again, so although I gained a DD, I lost a partner in crime. She was a trooper!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Firecracker 5K!

4th of July was a rainy day, yet a great day for running. Danny woke me up around 5:30 with an accident, so after changing the sheets, I got about another 45 minutes or so of sleep. Got up around 7:15, and got ready. Had coffee, and a bagel w/PB. Left around 8:00. I had no troubles parking, and got my number, etc. Took care of 'business' early, which was nice.

Did a mile warmup, and felt ok. It was very humid, so I was already sweaty when I lined up.

As usual, the race did not start until around 9:10. Since this race only has a timing mat at the end, it is important to line up close to the front, but I was probably about 20 seconds behind the start.

Again, as usual, the first half mile was really crowded. I did not wear my Garmin, but did have a watch. I got going around the first hill, and focused on passing women. I did not see/hear the 1st mile, which in hindsight might have been good, as I just kept running. My goal was to best my time from last year, which was 22:51. I had only done 1 speed workout since late April, so was not gunning for a PR. I did want the AG win however!

At the turn I was around 11 minutes, and feeling pretty good. I did hear the 2-mile time of around 15 minutes, so got a bit worried. Turned out it was 2.1 miles. At this point I felt really good, and since I know the course so well, knew how many more hills there were. At about 2.25 miles I saw a woman who I thought was Tina S- a USC woman who I have never beat, who is a few years older than I am. I wasn't sure if it was her, but then I heard someone yell 'Go Tina'. At this point we were running on opposite sides of the road- my in the middle, she on the outside. I had this who conversation in my head about how I COULD do it, just to run with her, and take my time getting ahead of her. I did get ahead of her with about a .25 miles to go. This is where I think it really helps to know the course, b/c the Giant Eagle sign was in view, but I know that the finish was still .1 beyond it. I set my sights on a woman who looked a little older than myself who was ahead of me, and did not look back.

Just before the finish, a younger girl caught up and passed me. Again, the internal conversation. In the past, I would have just let her take me, but I am trying to be mentally as well as physically tough, so I dug deep, and passed both the younger and older woman right at the finish. The younger girl was kind enough to congratulate me, and thank me for pacing her during the race. That was a nice compliment. My watch said 22:06. Official time was 22:21. Not a PR, but a PB for the course. yea!

They didn't get the results up for quite some time. Ran into Jim Wilding, and asked him if he would pick up an award, should I have one, since we were heading up to Seven Springs. He was nice enough to do so. Got 1st in my AG!

I also got an email from a friend who said her brother-in-law told her I won my AG, and that I 'beat him by 16 seconds'. It was nice that she sent a congrats email, and nicer that I beat him. (tee hee!)

Had too much fun at Seven Springs with the Halls and Engels. Kids had an amazing time, and we had fun with campfire, sparklers, and 'Ticket to Ride' game.

I am still on the running every other day plan. I think I'm going to go see the Dr. to get the knee checked out to make sure everything is ok in there before I start the marathon training. I am actually debating doing a 1/2 marathon program for the Ikea race, then continuing with a 10 week marathon plan. We'll see. Due to the two vacations, a shorter plan might be in order.

I will most likely not race again until the Ikea race, but might do another 5K for speed workout.