Sunday, July 13, 2008

Running again!

Ok- so I did 4 miles on the TM yesterday in 37:20 (9:20) pace. Knee twinged a bit from time to time, but did not hurt, nor did it hurt afterwards or today- yea! My body wanted to go longer and faster, but I held myself back.

Swim 1500 meters in the afternoon before GNO.

Plan is to do PT 1x a week going forward, do the stretches daily, and get my mileage slowly back up and do a 14 week program after we get back from Washington/Oregon trip. I think this actually might end up being better for everyone, as I know DH will be happier if I'm not stressing out about completing certain runs while we are on vacation.

Am going to check out Pfitz 12/55 and modify it for 14 weeks. Probably just add two more weeks of base building.

Am now wondering whether or not I should do the IKEA half marathon. I have not been in town the past 5 years to do it, and we are in town this year, so I would hate to miss it, but also don't want to get hurt. Because it is a big one, I think I would only do it as an all-out race, not as a MP run (ego!)

Tomorrow is my first PT appt. Hope to start running every other day next week.

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