Sunday, July 13, 2008

IT Band-- Round 3?

Ok- so after that great 5K, my knee started to hurt-- BADLY! In a new place, of course. Have not run since the 4th, went to the dr. (hot doc!) and he said that there is no physical damage to the IT Band, but it is hurting where it connects to the bone. He gave me a prescription for PT therapy and said I should try and lay off the running 'as long as possible'.

He did mention how we runners tend to beat up our bodies, which is funny, b/c he is a gym rat, and I'm not sure lifting heavy weights is any better for you than running. He also reminded me that the speedwork/racing is much harder on the ITBand b/c of all the pounding.

So- I did not run for ELEVEN DAYS!!!! I think that is the longest in a year! I did some swimming, walking, but that was about it. It actually worked out well, b/c the BIL,SIL, nephew were in town for the SCCC Invitational. We had a great visit- nephew is too cute, and my boys were great with him.

Dinner-dance was fun, SIL is pregnant again, so although I gained a DD, I lost a partner in crime. She was a trooper!

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