Monday, April 28, 2008

Final Week.... last longish run

RR: After not running for 2 days, I headed out today for my last longish run. Pfitz called for 12M, but with the hamstring still not 100%, I opted for a little over 10M on some good hills. Have not run hills much since the 10K, so wanted to get some in. Not a blistering pace by any means (9:45 average), but felt really easy-- the way its supposed to.

I am getting a massage tomorrow afternoon, with specific work on the right leg. Hopefully things will feel better after that. I am mentally preparing myself to have only one more run on either Wednesday or Thursday, depending on how the leg feels.

So many folks on the RW forums are nursing injuries-- big and small. The thing with mine is, I know I can run the whole way with the leg feeling exactly like it does now, so anticipate it feeling better on Sunday.

NRR: Had MIL's big b-day celebration- things could not have gone better--she was really surprised, and we all had a great time. Had the SIL, BIL and nephew for the weekend- great fun. Pens are up 2-0 in the second round of the playoffs, so that makes everyone happy.

Gotta go--

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Stay the Course....

Ok- so I'm totally ripping off Field of Dreams with the quote, but got myself back on plan today (sort of) with a 16M long run. Was supposed to do it Sunday, but legs felt beat up after the race Saturday, and my right hamstring was sore, so I just did 7M easy on Sunday.

Today I was headed out to do 12M, but the weather was great, I had time, the H20 fountain was on, it just all sort of came together. Plus, I had encouragement to finish the Pfitz plan from LA Runner and Rina on the RW forum. thanks gals!

Best part: felt great, last 3 miles were MP or faster (8:36, 8:24, 8:46) and the hamstring is not sore! Go figure. I am really glad I got it in. I did this in lieu of a 3 x 1600 workout that was scheduled for today. I have to will myself to let that one go-- did the 7M Sunday, so the mileage is correct, and I know I have the speed to get me my 3:50. A 44:48 10K 'predicts' a 3:30 marathon. I'm not going for that, of course, but gives me a mental edge for the marathon.

I can't believe its almost here--- I just have to survive this weekend's partying w/out doing too much damage and try to get enough sleep to carry me through.

The weather has been really beautiful and its amazing how much it helps the mood around here!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

No FEAR today! New 10K PR!

Ok, so after the whole knee hurting and mental aspect of being afraid to go all out, I decided to go for it today in the Genesis Run the River 10K. It is a flat course, which I know to be a bit mis-marked. Weather was great- tshirt and shorts weather.

I did 1 10 minute warmup, then lined up near the front. Fell in early with two women during the first mile. 1st mile split was 6:23, but I remember it being a bit short from running this race before. In hindsight I wish I would have worn my Garmin.

Anyways, rather than freaking out about how fast I was going, I did a body check, everything felt good, and decided to keep up with these two ladies. Another guy fell in with us also.

One of the women started talking about her Ironman training, and how she was going to 'coast' today, and the other was talking about her flight up to Boston to run the marathon, so she too, was out for a tempo run. Meanwhile, I am breathing hard, yet keeping up well for the 2nd and part of the 3rd mile. It is hard to know what the splits were, so I relied on these ladies for pacing.

We went up over the overpass to Washington's Landing, then on the dirt path, which is really only room for single file running. I kept up until about the 3rd mile, then fell a bit behind. The guy passed me also, but I did not give up. Tried to keep the same distance behind the woman right ahead of me. We wound around Washington's Landing, and I think my 4th mile was pretty slow: almost 8 minutes (but again, who knows with the damn mile markers!). I dug in and reminded myself that I could do this. Goal: break 46 minutes, and hopefully old PR of 45:46.

Halfway through the 5th mile I heard someone behind me. Normally I would let up and let the person pass me if they are breathing down my neck, but kept ahead of her for another 1/2 mile. Then, she passed me around the beginning of the 6th mile and I kept on her as best as I could. The last 1/2 mile I knew I was pretty close to a PR based on my watch, and had to work hard to keep up the pace. Got a bit of a side stitch, but not too bad to slow up. Mentally I kept telling myself: you can do this, you can do this.

Finished, very tired, and HAPPY: 44:48-- almost a MINUTE faster than my old PR, which was from 2003, when I was thinner and running fewer, faster miles in training.

I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF! As much for the mental victory as the physical victory. At one point, I actually found myself thinking that I don't want to PR by too much, b/c I won't be able to go this fast again, but conquered those negative thoughts.... YEA ME!

DH was really proud of me too!

Am a bit sore on my right leg between the hip and quad area, so will stretch out well tonight.

An added bonus: I got 1st in my Age Group!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

What a Difference a Day Makes!

My knee feels SO MUCH better today! I iced it last night 2x, and then took some tylenol PM and it feels great! The tingles have subsided also, but woke up with my hands tingling... WTF?

Anyway, am going to race tomorrow, and am looking forward to it. The weather is supposed to be beautiful, and it will be nice to be downtown for the morning.

I am going to keep my dr. appt. for Tuesday, just in case. If the tingles are gone by then, I can always cancel that morning.

I do think I am going to cut my scheduled 16 mile run on Sunday down to 12-14, depending on how the knee is feeling. I can also always take Sunday off, and run 4 days this week and the following two. I have to remind myself that the training is done! However, have read that a last long run 10 days out will be beneficial, so think I might change up my schedule a bit to allow for that to happen.



Workouts-- this week I've had 3 runs: Tuesday I did 11 Yasso 800s- all at or faster than 3:50, so that is one more indicator that I am ready to run a 3:50 at the Flying Pig. Now, only 17 days to go, and that tingling feeling is back in my lower leg. Of course. I ignored it for 2 days, and today finally made a Dr. appt. for next Tuesday. I figure if it still is tingly, I'll get the cortisteroid treatment and hope for the best. Thing is, the tingling in itself doesn't hurt of harm my running, it is the FEAR that the IT Band flaring up is next.

Have not nor will not say anything to anyone about this... hoping it goes away on its own. Thing is, I did some stretching after my workout Tuesday, and BOOM! then it starts acting up. Alway stay with what is working, right?

Ran two recovery runs: 3.5 and 4.6 miles. Have a 10K Saturday at which I am going ALL OUT-- hoping for a PR of 45:30 or better. Figure I'll go all out, then run 14 or so on Saturday at a slow pace. Am not going to do too much, and sticking with the taper.

Am trying not to get down about my foot--

NRR: Tax Season is over! We all survived and DH is in much better spirits! As always, there will be a slight adjustment having him around for dinner again-- good for the boys-- for me-- having to cook again. UGH- definitely my weakest item on the 'good wife' checklist.

Weather has finally turned to spring... complete with seasonal allergies and both boys wheezing a bit-- not enough to keep them from their activities- yea!

Pens won the 1st round of the playoffs in 4 games-- fun watching with DH and boys-- hope they continue to play well.


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Time to Taper!

So- three weeks to go until the Flying Pig, and I got 46 miles in this week. Yesterday 4 miles recovery, then today I did 8.5 with 4M on hills at 9:22-9:30, and then 2M at MP for good measure. Was cold/rainy so hit the treadmill. I should have run outside, but at this point, why? Only bad things could result.

Next weekend I get to race! Am curious to see how the 10K goes-- will run it all out, and how to break 46:00, which I have not done in almost 5 years. Would love to PR at that distance.

NRR: The MIL b-day dinner continues to be a much-discussed event. Had a busy weekend with the boys' sports schedules, and DH worked yesterday, but not today.

Looking forward to a day off from running tomorrow, although it will be busy with the jump rope-a-thon at school, followed by Tommy's skating, then piano lessons.

Friday, April 11, 2008

The Horse is in the Barn!

Well, things couldn't have gone much better during my run yesterday: ended up going to the Montour Trail; closer, porta-potties, and with the Garmin, was sure about mileage. Ran 21 total: 5M splits were:
1-5: 48:46
6-10: 47:51
11-15: 45:51
16:20: 43:35
21: 10:57

Was really pleased with the splits, as the last 5M were at MP: 8:42, I need a MP of 8:45 to break 3:50. The last 3 miles were rough going, but I got it done. During the last 2 miles there was a slower runner ahead of me who provided motivation-- to catch him during the last mile or so.

Did the 'extra' mile as a warmdown-- what the heck?

Also, was pleased b/c I did not have enough sports beans for the entire run, so used Clif Bar, and that seemed to work. Could have used more water. The weather was perfect: sunny and around 50 degrees-- I actually got a sunburn!

So--- got that last long run in without hurting the IT Band- this is a huge mental boost for me as well- this was the run I aggravated my IT Band on last training cycle. Everything feels good today.

NRR: the kids don't have school today, so I have a sitter coming and am going to get a well-deserved massage! DH is working like a dog, and I have basically been a single mom this week-- that will continue to the weekend.

My folks leave for Chinga today-- am so excited for my mom to be making this trip-- she said two of her lifetime goals were to 1) have a ski pass to a western ski resort-- done, and
2) walk on the Great Wall of China-- going to do this trip! It was a long time getting my dad to come around, but I think they will have a good trip.

This weekend I have two more runs, to get in the 46 miles for the week- then the taper officially begins... although with Pfitz it is not much of a taper. I am looking forward to racing next weekend.


Another week stronger

From April 8th--

RR: Got the rest of my miles in last week- another 50 mile week! That makes two for the training cycle. I definitely felt it by the medium long run on Saturaday, but ran 9M at the Jail Trail, so it was flat. My LR last week was another very hilly run--- felt good to get it done, and my pace was 9:38 overall, so 60 seconds more than race pace-- good!

Did my speedwork Tuesday: 8.5M with 4 x 1200 at 7:05 pace. Was pretty tired after the 4th 1200, but again, I'm on the treadmill, so I don't know how it would feel on the track. Might have to do some track work after the marathon to really work on my speed.Tomorrow is recovery, then the last 20miler before the Pig is Thursday. Had to move things around due to no school for the boys on Friday, but was able to do so. Am going to drive up to North Park, and do laps around the lake. Has served me well with my MP runs. Plan is to start at 10:00 mile, and increase pace a bit for each 5M loop around the lake. Hope the weather is going to be good.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Pfitz is kicking my butt!

Ok, so today was the first day in a really long time that I did NOT feel like running.
It was cold. Again.
I was on the clock. Again
I had to run a very hilly course Again.

I know all these things make me stronger, but I would really like a day when I can go out to the trail, in my shorts, with time to spare, and run a nice flat medium or long run. Again- I know the hills will really help on the Flying Pig course, but after yestereday's speed workout, my legs were bit dead. I actually PM's a RW forumite and asked him how he was doing this week-- same week of training as I am, and he said his legs were feeling it also. Made me feel a bit better.

I am going to get in the required 50 miles this week- on 6 days of running- I just have this week and next with really high mileage, then the taper starts.

Things with DH at work are also pretty tough, so the stress level around here has been HIGH this week. Hoping for a better day today.....

How the heck do they run that fast?

RR: today I 'made up' a workout I was suppposed to do last week: 7M w/ 5 x1000 @ 5K pace. Did is just above 5K pace: 7:08 for three of them and 7:03 for the final two. Reasons:
1) my 5K pace of 6:54 is based on a downhill race, and 2) I don't need speed for my BQ, mostly endurance. Yet, I am following the Pftiz plan!

Got them in, really no problem, but halfway through started thinking: how the heck do people run this fast? I mean, normal people- people with jobs, kids, etc. Not elite athletes, but they must have some God-given talent towards running, yes? How the heck do they run that fast for 26.2 miles? Better yet, for 5 miles in a row? I don't think I could ever be that fast. It really helps getting in your miles when your LR pace is 7:45, not 9:45!

Tomorrow I have an 10 mile run. Then 16 on Friday. Am sticking with my 10% rule for the Pfitz plan-- I am VERY conscious of the fact that I was still doing fine in my training at this point last time. I think if I can get all of my runs in w/out hurting my knee, the mental edge for me will be great when I line up at the Flying Pig marathon.

NRR: First day with a new student teacher to supervise. Was not too sure how he would do, as he did not knock my socks off during the Methods course. He did really well! Kids were engaged, and the lesson was very interesting. Every time I'm in a school I start thinking about getting back into the classroom. But that is another thought process entirely......