Monday, April 28, 2008

Final Week.... last longish run

RR: After not running for 2 days, I headed out today for my last longish run. Pfitz called for 12M, but with the hamstring still not 100%, I opted for a little over 10M on some good hills. Have not run hills much since the 10K, so wanted to get some in. Not a blistering pace by any means (9:45 average), but felt really easy-- the way its supposed to.

I am getting a massage tomorrow afternoon, with specific work on the right leg. Hopefully things will feel better after that. I am mentally preparing myself to have only one more run on either Wednesday or Thursday, depending on how the leg feels.

So many folks on the RW forums are nursing injuries-- big and small. The thing with mine is, I know I can run the whole way with the leg feeling exactly like it does now, so anticipate it feeling better on Sunday.

NRR: Had MIL's big b-day celebration- things could not have gone better--she was really surprised, and we all had a great time. Had the SIL, BIL and nephew for the weekend- great fun. Pens are up 2-0 in the second round of the playoffs, so that makes everyone happy.

Gotta go--

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