Thursday, April 17, 2008


Workouts-- this week I've had 3 runs: Tuesday I did 11 Yasso 800s- all at or faster than 3:50, so that is one more indicator that I am ready to run a 3:50 at the Flying Pig. Now, only 17 days to go, and that tingling feeling is back in my lower leg. Of course. I ignored it for 2 days, and today finally made a Dr. appt. for next Tuesday. I figure if it still is tingly, I'll get the cortisteroid treatment and hope for the best. Thing is, the tingling in itself doesn't hurt of harm my running, it is the FEAR that the IT Band flaring up is next.

Have not nor will not say anything to anyone about this... hoping it goes away on its own. Thing is, I did some stretching after my workout Tuesday, and BOOM! then it starts acting up. Alway stay with what is working, right?

Ran two recovery runs: 3.5 and 4.6 miles. Have a 10K Saturday at which I am going ALL OUT-- hoping for a PR of 45:30 or better. Figure I'll go all out, then run 14 or so on Saturday at a slow pace. Am not going to do too much, and sticking with the taper.

Am trying not to get down about my foot--

NRR: Tax Season is over! We all survived and DH is in much better spirits! As always, there will be a slight adjustment having him around for dinner again-- good for the boys-- for me-- having to cook again. UGH- definitely my weakest item on the 'good wife' checklist.

Weather has finally turned to spring... complete with seasonal allergies and both boys wheezing a bit-- not enough to keep them from their activities- yea!

Pens won the 1st round of the playoffs in 4 games-- fun watching with DH and boys-- hope they continue to play well.


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