Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Stay the Course....

Ok- so I'm totally ripping off Field of Dreams with the quote, but got myself back on plan today (sort of) with a 16M long run. Was supposed to do it Sunday, but legs felt beat up after the race Saturday, and my right hamstring was sore, so I just did 7M easy on Sunday.

Today I was headed out to do 12M, but the weather was great, I had time, the H20 fountain was on, it just all sort of came together. Plus, I had encouragement to finish the Pfitz plan from LA Runner and Rina on the RW forum. thanks gals!

Best part: felt great, last 3 miles were MP or faster (8:36, 8:24, 8:46) and the hamstring is not sore! Go figure. I am really glad I got it in. I did this in lieu of a 3 x 1600 workout that was scheduled for today. I have to will myself to let that one go-- did the 7M Sunday, so the mileage is correct, and I know I have the speed to get me my 3:50. A 44:48 10K 'predicts' a 3:30 marathon. I'm not going for that, of course, but gives me a mental edge for the marathon.

I can't believe its almost here--- I just have to survive this weekend's partying w/out doing too much damage and try to get enough sleep to carry me through.

The weather has been really beautiful and its amazing how much it helps the mood around here!

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