Sunday, April 13, 2008

Time to Taper!

So- three weeks to go until the Flying Pig, and I got 46 miles in this week. Yesterday 4 miles recovery, then today I did 8.5 with 4M on hills at 9:22-9:30, and then 2M at MP for good measure. Was cold/rainy so hit the treadmill. I should have run outside, but at this point, why? Only bad things could result.

Next weekend I get to race! Am curious to see how the 10K goes-- will run it all out, and how to break 46:00, which I have not done in almost 5 years. Would love to PR at that distance.

NRR: The MIL b-day dinner continues to be a much-discussed event. Had a busy weekend with the boys' sports schedules, and DH worked yesterday, but not today.

Looking forward to a day off from running tomorrow, although it will be busy with the jump rope-a-thon at school, followed by Tommy's skating, then piano lessons.

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