Tuesday, April 1, 2008

How the heck do they run that fast?

RR: today I 'made up' a workout I was suppposed to do last week: 7M w/ 5 x1000 @ 5K pace. Did is just above 5K pace: 7:08 for three of them and 7:03 for the final two. Reasons:
1) my 5K pace of 6:54 is based on a downhill race, and 2) I don't need speed for my BQ, mostly endurance. Yet, I am following the Pftiz plan!

Got them in, really no problem, but halfway through started thinking: how the heck do people run this fast? I mean, normal people- people with jobs, kids, etc. Not elite athletes, but they must have some God-given talent towards running, yes? How the heck do they run that fast for 26.2 miles? Better yet, for 5 miles in a row? I don't think I could ever be that fast. It really helps getting in your miles when your LR pace is 7:45, not 9:45!

Tomorrow I have an 10 mile run. Then 16 on Friday. Am sticking with my 10% rule for the Pfitz plan-- I am VERY conscious of the fact that I was still doing fine in my training at this point last time. I think if I can get all of my runs in w/out hurting my knee, the mental edge for me will be great when I line up at the Flying Pig marathon.

NRR: First day with a new student teacher to supervise. Was not too sure how he would do, as he did not knock my socks off during the Methods course. He did really well! Kids were engaged, and the lesson was very interesting. Every time I'm in a school I start thinking about getting back into the classroom. But that is another thought process entirely......


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