Friday, April 11, 2008

The Horse is in the Barn!

Well, things couldn't have gone much better during my run yesterday: ended up going to the Montour Trail; closer, porta-potties, and with the Garmin, was sure about mileage. Ran 21 total: 5M splits were:
1-5: 48:46
6-10: 47:51
11-15: 45:51
16:20: 43:35
21: 10:57

Was really pleased with the splits, as the last 5M were at MP: 8:42, I need a MP of 8:45 to break 3:50. The last 3 miles were rough going, but I got it done. During the last 2 miles there was a slower runner ahead of me who provided motivation-- to catch him during the last mile or so.

Did the 'extra' mile as a warmdown-- what the heck?

Also, was pleased b/c I did not have enough sports beans for the entire run, so used Clif Bar, and that seemed to work. Could have used more water. The weather was perfect: sunny and around 50 degrees-- I actually got a sunburn!

So--- got that last long run in without hurting the IT Band- this is a huge mental boost for me as well- this was the run I aggravated my IT Band on last training cycle. Everything feels good today.

NRR: the kids don't have school today, so I have a sitter coming and am going to get a well-deserved massage! DH is working like a dog, and I have basically been a single mom this week-- that will continue to the weekend.

My folks leave for Chinga today-- am so excited for my mom to be making this trip-- she said two of her lifetime goals were to 1) have a ski pass to a western ski resort-- done, and
2) walk on the Great Wall of China-- going to do this trip! It was a long time getting my dad to come around, but I think they will have a good trip.

This weekend I have two more runs, to get in the 46 miles for the week- then the taper officially begins... although with Pfitz it is not much of a taper. I am looking forward to racing next weekend.


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