Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Pfitz is kicking my butt!

Ok, so today was the first day in a really long time that I did NOT feel like running.
It was cold. Again.
I was on the clock. Again
I had to run a very hilly course Again.

I know all these things make me stronger, but I would really like a day when I can go out to the trail, in my shorts, with time to spare, and run a nice flat medium or long run. Again- I know the hills will really help on the Flying Pig course, but after yestereday's speed workout, my legs were bit dead. I actually PM's a RW forumite and asked him how he was doing this week-- same week of training as I am, and he said his legs were feeling it also. Made me feel a bit better.

I am going to get in the required 50 miles this week- on 6 days of running- I just have this week and next with really high mileage, then the taper starts.

Things with DH at work are also pretty tough, so the stress level around here has been HIGH this week. Hoping for a better day today.....

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