Friday, May 2, 2008

AHHHH-- the freakout before the race!

Ok- so there is so much going on in my head right now I can't even focus on getting them down on paper, but I'll try.

Physical: worried hamstring/glute area will bother me from the first mile. also, worried that at some point my knees will start to kill me. Worried about running not only in pain, but obviously not finishing at my goal time. I have run over 650 miles in the past 19 weeks specifically for this Sunday's race. WOW! That' s a LOT of pressure.

Also-- concerned about how driving 4.5 hours tomorrow will affect me come race day. worried it will get too hot for the short sleeve top I am going to wear. Worried that if I wear sunscreen it will get in my eyes and burn my eyes, but if I don't I'll have a nasty sunburn on my forehead.

Also- I think I'm going to get my period at some point this weekend, so my hormones are ALL OVER the place! I feel gittery, on edge, and like I'm going to yell at anyone at any time. Also feel tired, and fat from eating so many carbs and drinking so much water. Worried I'm not getting enough electrolytes...

Mental: worried about how the kids are going to be for DH, and if it will be stressful on him tomorrow. Worried about falling asleep on Saturday night, and getting good sleep tonight.

OK- there are SOME of the things going through my head at a rapid rate at this moment. Getting them down certainly helps. Gotta focus on the things I can control, right?

That being said, I am getting EXCITED to run this thing!

Gotta go- kids need me--

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