Saturday, May 10, 2008

PMS: Post- Marathon Syndrome

Yes-- I've got it BAD! I'm not sure if its the letdown of the race being .25 miles too long ('adjusted' time is 3:47:07!) or the lack of structure that I anticipate over the next few weeks/months, or the fact that I'm finally letting in what happened with my brother last month.

ANYWAY-- I've been in the dumps big time! Ran 3M on both Th and Fr, and got up today to run but couldn't get it in b/c it was raining, the club wasn't open yet....

RR: I am really pleased with my adjusted time b/c that exceeds my secret goal time of 3:48. So, I should be really happy, right? I guess over time it will sink in.

A very busy weekend: boys had hockey tryouts this morning, which went well in the fact that they skated very well-- both of them, but not well in the fact that there might only be two teams next year at their level. This is something I have to let go b/c it is out of my hands.

Gotta go- everyone is here for the afternoon: mom, dad, Megan. Tommy has a baseball game, then we're going out shortly after that.

Happy Birthday to me- ugh!

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