Tuesday, June 3, 2008

June Mileage Challenge

Ok- so I haven't posted for awhile-- been going through some yucky emotional stuff, and this is not the place for venting about that- might have to start another log/blog somewhere else for all that crap.

Anyway, I feel as though I have had a renewed interest in running for running's sake: not training, just getting out there and doing whatever feels right for that day. Inspiration has come in two forms:
1) the June Mileage Challenge on RW online: I don't want to be a big slacker, and want to post mpw of 25,28,30,35 or somewhere in that realm for a goal total for the month of 130 miles. Most of these miles will be very slow, and I'm not even sure I'm going to get a race in due to the combination of lack of races, DH's golf and boys' baseball games. Oh well- I've got my eye on breaking 21:30 again at the 4th of July 5K, so that is the prize for now.

2) Trying to lose the weight that has creeped on since running the marathon, combined with Deep Creek/Birthday celebrations. Goal is to run at least 3M a day until the 3lbs. come off. We'll see how long THAT takes!

Have also been doing strength training classes at Healthtrax, which will hopefully benefit my running and overall physique. Although I don't harbor any hopes of being as thin as I was a few years ago, it would be nice to feel good in my fun outfits.

Go team north!

Sunday: 10M
Monday: 4.5M
Tuesday: 6.25M

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