Monday, June 30, 2008

You Never Know When Life is Going to Bite you on the Ass!

So, it finally happened to me-- after 17 years of running, TODAY I was attacked and bit by a dog-- on the *SS! Not the first time this dog has come after me, and thus I don't run on this street very often, but he ran right past his owner, crossed the street, teeth bared, growling. I, of course, turned away, and he bit me! There are marks on my skin, and one almost broke the skin.The jack*ss just stood there and said 'I'm sorry'. am thinking he should have to by me a new pair of running shoes at least!

Of course it turns out DH knows him- I filed a police report anyway-- I'm not letting the Club prevent me from my basic rights. Also want to make sure damn dog is up to date on his shots, b/c there is one welt which almost broke the skin. Bruise is now pretty purple color.

Sure makes getting up early to run look fun, eh?

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