Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Take it Easy...

So- the mileage challenge was not the best thing for my old legs-- ran 28 miles last week, but have not run since Friday and its Tuesday. Knees have been hurting in different places, so I am taking it easy this week.

Today is GNO, so I am planning to swim, then take the Group Power class at Healthtrax before the drinks/dinner at the Club. I'm not sure if the Group Power is messing with my knees, or the ramped-up mileage. Am going to take it back to 20 mpw for the rest of June, then slowly build to the first week of training for Philly.

I am planning to do Pfitz again, but might modify it to a 15 week program, mostly due to the vacations we are taking-- I don't want to be obsessing about mileage when we are in Washington visiting with the other families. We'll see--


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