Sunday, August 3, 2008

August already???

So- its August 3rd, and I've been ramping up mileage the past few weeks.

Had some great runs at the beach: did 4 runs: 8-10-6-8 in high heat and humidity, early in the am and felt great. Had some good pacing, mostly around 9:20 average. Am running most/all of my runs between 9:00-9:30 pacing-- keeping things easy.

Went to PT before we left- got some stretches, treatment, etc. Have not been as faithful as I should, but also went to NYC to visit DS for her 40th b-day. That was fun the first afternoon/evening, then disasterous the second day. DS got food poisoning, spent 11 hrs. yacking every 5-10 minutes, and we did virtually nothing all day. (oh yea, took her to the dr.) Felt SO BADLY for her, but we had a really nice visit regardless.

Personal highlight of the trip was a 9M run in Central Park. 8:55 pace! Amazing how much difference it made running along with other people. I hooked up with this one guy and followed his pace for about 2.5 miles. Good times.

Did 8M this morning around 8:00-- average pace 9:06-- and this with a 9:55 1st mile. It was hot, but I felt good, and this was after being up late/drinks with friends.

Am so happy that I decided to not start an actual plan until we return from WA/Oregon. It would be added stress to have to get certain runs in on certain days. I am fiddling with how to modify Pfitz for the Philly race, and think I'll have 14 weeks of serious training to get it done.

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