Saturday, August 30, 2008

Thoughts on pacing....

Ok- so today was a 5M recovery run, and I must say when I headed out my legs were still feeling heavy from yesterday. So- I trotted along at an average 10:44 pace. I got to thinking about pacing, and the Pfitz program. I re-read what he said about recovery runs, and he suggests they be done on soft surfaces, and no hills. Well, since I cannot avoid hills in the neighborhood, I went extra slow.

According to Pfitz: recovery paces- two minutes slower than 1/2 marathon time. Well, my 1/2 marathon pace from last year is 7:42, so that would put my recovery paces pretty close to my LR pace (based on 8:35/mile goal pace for 3:45 marathon). SO- the inconsistencies in my race times poses a challenge for my pacing. So, I have decided the following:

LR/MLR/recoveries will be based on goal MP of 8:35 (3:45 finish time).
So- LR/MLR between 9:20-9:50. Recovery runs 10:00-10:30 pace on flat, a bit slower on hills. If I am going to get these high mileage weeks in, I need to not go too fast.

LT/Intervals I will use my 'faster' 1/2 marathon and 5K paces. That way I'll keep some of the 'speed', as I build up my mileage. This is what I focused on last training cycle, and got good results!


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