Saturday, December 20, 2008

It's Official: Boston Training Plan

FINALLY getting around to focusing on the Boston Training plan. I have been running 3x week this month; mpw of 22, 24, 23 and 24.5. Goal is to get up to 30-32 mpw over the next few weeks, with a LR of 14 miles before starting a modified Pfitz 12/55 on 1/13/09.

Plan is to do the 12 week schedule over 14 weeks. Modifications will include possible substitution of cross-trainer for recovery run 1x a week, and possibly maxing out at 50 mpw like I did last year.

So- here's the plan: I am going to run long on Mondays, so the week will really begin on Tuesdays. This give me flexibility to run long on Sunday if it works out, and b/c Boston is on a Monday, shouldn't mess me up too much.

Pfitz week: Calendar week
11: 1/13
10: 1/20
11: 1/27 (skiing in Colorado- might only run 3x instead of 4)
9: 2/3
7: 2/17
6: 2/24 (will do Spring Thaw 15 mile option for 15/12MP run on 2/28)
5: 3/3
4: 3/10
3: 3/17
6: 3/24 (will run Just a Short Run 30K as 18/15MP run on 3/28)
2: 4/1 (will skip race; skiing in Colorado)
1: 4/7
Race week 4/13 (will modify for 16 miles pre-race)

so-- there's the plan!

I will also NOT be racing during this training cycle. I know that I am capable of training to run a 3:45 (8:34 MP), and hope for a PR and another BQ at Boston.

My #1 goal is to run Boston well-prepared and healthy. I do plan to attempt a sub 3:40 in the future, on a faster course. This most likely will be the only chance I get to run Boston, and I want to have positive memories!

I know I'm most likely selling myself short, but there are other races and other days to 'go for it'.

I also might sign up for the Pittsburgh 1/2 and see how that goes.

Ok- now its in print, so I have to do it, right?

NRR: last night was our GNO anti-holly ball dinner at Francos. It was so much fun, and great to see everyone. DS#1 had hockey at 7:10, so I am feeling a bit low at this point.

RR: got in 6 recovery miles (not really sure WHAT exactly I was recovering from) this morning.


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L.A. Runner said...

You and your friends are so cute! I know you must be excited- BOSTON! Best wishes on starting a new training cycle.