Saturday, January 17, 2009

I'm Training Again

Yippee! It feels great to finally be on a training program! Boston is looking REAL to me now, as we are 13 weeks out.

Shhhh..... my ITBand is sleeping, and we don't want to wake it up! Seriously-- it has not hurt in awhile. I thinkin retrospect the boot camp I did was not the best idea. While it was a great workout, and I do think it helped control my weight a bit over the holidays, I think all the sprinting and jumping was not good for my knee. I may or may not try it again after Boston.

Two runs thus far this week on Pfitz 12/55

8M GA run: did the last two miles at MP- averaged 9:11 and
9M GA run: first 4M at 9:30 pace, then last 5M I did sort of a fartlet, moving all over the place- average pace 8:40.

I am thinking about checking the McMillan calculators and training for a 3:35 or so marathon. I am NOT going to go for that at Boston, but think that I might be doing myself a disservice by not running a bit harder on some of the runs. We'll see.

Today is SRD, tomorrow recovery, then Monday (MLK day) I will have 13. It has been so cold (below zero, school cancelled, etc.) that I am looking to be a TM queen for the next week or so.

All in all, a good start! My transition should be smooth also- last week I did 32 miles, this week Pfitz calls for 35. My LR last week was 12, so only adding a mile onto that.

NRR: this is the weekend of the MLHA tournament-- boys have combined 4 games today! Should be fun---


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L.A. Runner said...

Glad to see you are healthy and back at it! Why not go for your goal at Boston? It's flatter than the Pig, you know? Happy training!