Monday, October 6, 2008

14 miler-- feels good to run again!

Quad still not 100%, but got in my 14 mile long run today-- felt good.

My goal was to take it really easy and get the miles in. I wanted to start out aroun 9:45, and gradually increase to 9:20 or so. Here are the splits:
9:55, 18:52- tunnel, 9:47, 9:36, 9:53, 9:13, 9:30, 9:17, 9:22, 9:09, 9:08, 8:55, 8:.38
average: 9:23-- happy about that!

I got lost a bit during mile 6, had trouble finding the trail, but found it again. Weather was perfect for running, and I had no GI issues. So- I am feeling like my fitness is good, but am hoping that I can get to the start line healthy on the 18th.

Am going to run mostly slow miles this week; might do a couple at 1/2 GP on Friday, then a couple more next Wednesday. Other than that, its all slow from here on out.

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