Friday, October 3, 2008

Sidelined by my left quad....

Monday: 7M w/4M tempo. Average 7:28 per mile. Oops-- my quad has been bugging me for awhile and while this was a GREAT workout, methinks it was the reason for the quad REALLY acting up.

Wednesday-- went to start my 8M run, and it hurt so badly I only did 1mile. Then went to Healthtrax and did 7Miles on the Cross-trainer. It was the 1st time on that machine, and it really does feel more like running than the elliptical.

Th-- quad hurt so badly I placed an emergency call to the massage therapist at the club. Wow! What a difference an hour makes! Felt much better. Agree with her I should not run for a few days. She loaned me her heating pad- yea!

Fri- 8M on Cross-trainer- average pace 9:05 mile-- not bad. walked 1M to cool down. quad did not hurt at all during the cross trainer. Was debating whether or not to run easy tomorrow, but why push it? Am going to ride the bike tomorrow- maybe walk if I get the chance, and do a long run on Monday.

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