Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Another 2 hr. delay and VO2 workout

Ok- ANOTHER 2 hr. delay for the boys today. In some ways it is nice- we get to sleep in, have a great cuddle, a leisurely breakfast and they get to relax a watch a show (current favorite: the Mr. Men Show) before Tommy heads off the school.

The down side: it cuts in MY day-- only had 2 hrs. today bus to bus.

Workout- VO2 3.5 M warmup
5 x 600 at 7:03/6:58 pace- 2 min. recovery
2M warmdown: Total 8.5 miles

The 5 x 600s felt pretty good- it would be interesting to see how this workout would be on the track or bike trail-- I tend to think in some ways it is cheating a bit by doing the speedwork on the treadmill, but it works for me!

Gotta go- I hear th bus--

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