Friday, November 14, 2008

3 weeks off... not enough?

Ok- so I took 3 weeks off from running after the 1/2 marathon. 5 days of that I was really 'off' b/c we were at Disney World with the boys, which was awesome! The boys got to 'fight' Darth Vader at Hollywood Studios, and they actually liked Space Mountain! The only thing I did for 5 days (other than walking) was the cross-trainer for 5M.
So, one would think that getting back would be pain-free, right? NOT. The damn ITBand/knee thing on my right leg came back right away. I think it might be from taking a step class, so I'll take that out of the lineup. I really want to do some strength training 2x a week, so I guess it will be Group Power.
Thinking ahead to Boston training: I might REALLY modify Pfitz and go with running 3x a week, and/or doing a 12 week training cycle. At this point I cannot imagine my knee hanging in there for a full 18 week Pfitz training cycle. But... we'll see.
NRR: I can't believe its almost Thanksgiving! My sister got engaged a few weeks ago, so that is very exciting news... other than that we're all just plugging along.

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