Wednesday, September 17, 2008

8M @ 8:39 Pace

Today I went out on the Peters Trail (slight incline one way, slight downhill the other), to do my 8M run. I wasn't exactly sure what Pftiz says for pacing for MLR and LR for the 1/2, so I wanted to push it a bit.

The 1st mile was 9:22 or so, and felt great. During the 2nd mile, I found that I was hitting sub-9 pace, so I went for it. 2nd mile: 8:52 or so. I was on a section of the trail that has a 1mile section, so did that for the 1st 3 miles, then hit this hill on the sidewalk right off the trail. It measured .3 miles, and has a gradual uphill-- not sure about the incline, but I felt it. I ran that 3 times-- worked pretty hard on the uphills, and tried to not go too fast on the downhills. I think I'll use that a good deal when prepping for Boston.

My last mile was 8:00 even, with a 8:39 pace for the 8 miles. It was a GOOD workout- wonder how I'll feel tomorrow.

The weather has FINALLY gotten less humid; even though, I was sweating bullets by the end.

I think I'm going to go to the far end of the trail on Friday for my 12 milers. Pfitz says LR between 1 and 2 minutes slower than goal 1/2 marathon pace. For me that is 7:40 so I'm going to try and keep the medium runs (6-10 miles) at that pace and the Long Runs (10+ miles) at around 9:15 or so.

It felt good to let it go! I'm really excited about running 4x a week until the race. Then, I think I'll cut back to 3 days a week, but keeping a LR of about 8-10 miles for the rest of October until after Thanksgiving. Then, increase the mileage until Pfitz starts.

We'll see....

Knee felt GREAT!

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