Saturday, July 17, 2010

Boys' Triathlon

Today the boys participated in the South Park kid's triathlon. We 'trained' a bit at the trail, which consisted mostly of helping Danny get acclimated to his 2-wheel bike, and Tommy working on the run portion. I left the swimming training up to the swim team coaches. I was really happy they both wanted to do it; Tommy b/c the distances were double what Danny would have to do (100yd. swim, 2M bike and 1M run) and Danny b/c he really just got started on getting off/on his bike this week. He had some issues turning, which would come into play today.

We got them there, and they found their transition areas, and got their timing chip around their ankles and got their body marking done. Danny was in the 4th heat, and he had a 50 yd. swim. All went well:

He made it to the transition area and on the bike. Now, remember Danny had been having some trouble turning. Well Bad Mom over here didn't take them up to see the bike course, so we didn't know how many turns he would have to make. Poor Dude ended up falling off 3 times, once was an over-the-handlebars type move. He got back on each time, and came in off the bike course a bit battered:

Got off the bike, and finished his run with a big smile on his face:

We got him attended to right after the race, but here are some pics:

Note the road burn on the chest- OUCH!

We both told him how proud we were of him for finishing with those injuries, and he said "why wouldn't I finish?" Great attitude!

Tommy was in heat #12, so here he is during the 100 yd. swim:
Love the position of the elbow. The race was in a pool that was 50 yds. long, so they had to do two laps.

Here he is waving to Danny and I after the swim:

And on the bike:

The one-mile run the 10-12 yr. old kids have to do was half-mile down and a half-mile up a hill. I was really proud of Tommy for running all the way up the hill- he did great:

(note how Tommy has his shirt on- he saw what happened to Danny after his bike fall)

Each athlete received a nice medal for finishing:

When asked if they wanted to do the Triathlon again next year the answer was 'YES'.
Great way to start the weekend for all of us!

Oh, and me: ran 25M on 4 runs this week with a LR of 10M @ 9:08 pace. Hope to get out tomorrow for 3-4 more. Finally feel like I am truly running again. Also, biked 21M, and swam 1000 yds.


L.A. Runner said...

OH- I just love what your boys did AND all the pictures. They look so happy and precious. You truly set an awesome example for them about being athletic and getting out there to exercise!

scarlet said...

I like the pictures. You are really an inspiration to other runners! Keep it up!~ brooks running ~