Friday, November 12, 2010

Buffalo Creek Half Marathon

The Buffalo Creek Half Marathon is a great race: I have run it 4 out of the 5 years it has been held- the only reason I didn't run last year was b/c I was out of town. It is a point-to-point on a flat soft trail near (wait for it) Buffalo Creek. The weather has always been great, and this year was no exception. My training was going well, but I didn't do much speedwork, so my goal was 1:42 which is a 7:47 pace

I drove up to the start with my good friend J, and another gal who I have run with a bit. Car ride went well, and we got to the start with time to spare. Ended up bagging the porta-potty line for the bushes, but heck- we're all runners, right? It was low 40s to start, so I wore shorts, my compression socks, a short sleeved shirt, throw away arm warmers (socks) and throw away shirt.

The first mile is downhill, so I was ready for that;


By the end of the second mile we are on the trail, and I was trying to get into a good pace. I wore my watch, but not my Garmin. I was pacing off a woman ahead of me, but realized by the end of mile 4 I needed to pass her.


I ditched my LS shirt around mile 3, and was taking water at the water stops. I did not start with my own bottle of water, which I will do next time. Miles were ticking off nicely, at this point.


After mile 7 I slowed down a bit on the next mile, but a little too much:
8- 7:58

Sometime during the 10th mile I passed another woman, and only saw men ahead of me for the rest of the race. I had been running with a guy who was also shooting for a 1:42 for a couple of miles, but he fell back around mile 11.

Miles 11 and 12 were mis-marked, which was really annoying. I actually called out at one point to the runner ahead of me b/c it seemed very unlikely that the 4 runners that were all running around the same pace had fallen off. I had mile 11 at 8:45. My friend with her Garmin told me it was actually 1.3 miles

11/12 16:15 Mile 12 has the only hill, but it wasn't too bad this year.
13.1 8:32

1:42:09 2nd AG, PW on this course.

I am content with this time. I did slow down the last few miles, which was not due to endurance (I think) b/c I ran a lot of long runs over 10 miles for this race. I think it was due to lack of speedwork, and knowing what my goal HMP should feel like.

Even though it was a PW for this course, I am happy to be running injury-free again, and am pleased with the time.

Next up: winter running with Kristin and maybe a 10k. Who knows?


L.A. Runner said...

Way to get back out there! And... 2nd in AG is GREAT! Congrats!

AgileToes said...

That's a great come-back race!! Looks like you're ready to get back in to things :)

Black Bear! said...

Hey - I missed this RR before. (I am in full studying-avoidance mode today.) EXCELLENT and hope you are still running well.