Saturday, September 3, 2011

NYC training: week 3

So, not only was this week 3 for NYC marathon training- it was also the first week of school for the boys. Here they are at the bus stop about to set off for 4th and 5th grade. Both seem really happy with their teachers and classmates. DS#1 is at new school; Middle School, and seems very happy with the new opportunities he is going to have this year.

Training went well this week, even with a little physical hiccup. Last Sunday when I was at the rink watching DS#2 practice, one of the siblings of a skater was playing with these huge buckets they use to help kids learn how to skate. They were piled on top of each other- about 3 feet high, and they came toppling down, and cut my ankle. I did not see them falling, so was not able to prepare or get out of the way. I have a big cut on my ankle, but (thankfully) that is all. It has been a bit of discomfort this week, but no pain.

Runs this week:
Monday- a great day to run- it was cooler. On the schedule was 10M, but I ended up with
1M recovery, 7M @ 9:10 and then 3M somewhere between MP and tempo: 8:06.

Tuesday: 4M recovery w/K on the trail: 9:52 pace

Wednesday: 7M hilly in my 'hood. 1stM @ 9:50, then 6M @ 9:09

Friday: 16M on Peters Trail w/J @ 9:23. Last few miles were definitely too fast, but an ok average pace. It was really hot/humid and we were both shot by the end.

Saturday: 5M recovery on TM @ 10:02

43 miles for the week.

All is good.

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