Friday, April 17, 2009

Deja Vu.... all over again

I am limiting myself to 10 minutes for this RANT.

After the 2006 NYC debacle, I SWORE I would NEVER AGAIN run a marathon in that much pain. I have tried so hard to keep my knees healthy this last training cycle: only running 3x a week, yoga (which to me is a form of torture), swimming, have had massages every 2-3 weeks, stretched, lost a few pounds, etc. The ONLY thing I did that was probably not in the best interest of my knees was to take a ski trip with the boys April 2-9. WTF? What am supposed to do? Cancel an 8 day ski trip b/c I may or may not run well at the Boston marathon? Disappoint myself, my kids and my parents?? I honestly did not even ski that hard-- not like some years. The knee did NOT bother me at all in Colorado, but, like in January, started hurting when we returned.

Note: I have suffered off and on from ITBS since 1993. This current pain/soreness is in BOTH the ITBand/knee area, and the patella area. So, it is different. That is both GOOD and BAD in my book.

Had a good run on Monday 10M- didn't push the pace too much-- felt great! At one point the knee started feeling a bit wonky, but it was not painful.

Had a deep tissue massage on Tuesday, and since then have been in some sort of discomfort and/or pain in the knee and also my right hip area. Again- this is GOOD and BAD.

Bottom line: I am praying-- seriously praying-- that the patella area/hip area soreness is a result of the deep tissue massage, and that 3 days from now will be better. If I had to line up today, I would do so knowing that I would be in pain for part of the race. It is hard to get excited about the race/weekend knowing that pain may be in the forecast.

I am TRYING to be optimistic that everything will click into place by/on Monday. It is also hard to rest b/c I have so many things to do to get ready.

OK- rant over. I seriously hope when I post tomorrow my final thoughts that things will feel better.



Ben said...

If your knee pain is related to IT Band Friction Syndrome, you should definitely check out the website: .

Good luck.


L.A. Runner said...

No advice for you. I just wanted to send some virtual hugs. I wish you a pain-free and happy race. Be strong!

Black Bear! said...

Here's hoping that all the excitement will banish that knee pain away.