Thursday, April 2, 2009

30K from Hell and a new time goal.

Ok- so last year when I did the Just a Short Run (JASR) I nailed my 15M @MP with an average MP of 8:35. It was such a great confidence booster, and let me know that I COULD get my BQ.

Well... one year later and the same race let me know that I needed to make an adjustment on my time goal. It was sort of a cluster all around, and a good reminder of why I DO NOT like going to races with other people.

I went with my neighbor, who is training for Pittsburgh, and is a person I really like. I always thought that if our kids went to the same school and/or she didn't work full time that we could be really good friends. I was happy to support her doing this race, as this will be her first marathon. Anyway, we didn't drive together, but since they were going to have record crowds, she asked it we could follow each other up there so we could park together. She asked if we could run the first few miles together, and in hindsight, I just should have stayed with her all day.

Anyway, when I went to meet her I realized I had left my Kinesio tape at home. Now, if it were just me, I would have gone back and gotten the tape, but I didn't want to throw her time-table off, so sucked it up. Drive up there was good. I left my Imodium in the car, and again, if I were solo, would just have gone back to get it, but didn't want to leave her in the lurch. LESSON LEARNED.

I took the first 5K easy, as planned: 36:31- similar to last year. Then I tried to nail down my MP- goal was 8:40ish. I really would have loved to hit 8:35 for the 15M like last year, but have not been running the miles, AND IT SHOWED. The other major cluster was that the mile markers seemed to be a bit off, so in hindsight I just should have noticed the miles splits, but gone on the 5M time as I crossed the mat.

1st 5M: 8:18-- WTF??? Had I know that at the time I would have slowed down immensely~
2nd 5M: 9:09

10M @ MP of 8:43- exactly where I wanted to be, HOWEVER those first 5M at 8:18 pace kicked my arse. Did the last 5M as a warm-down and had to stop 2x to visit the porta-potty (damn lack of imodium) and actually had to walk for 5 minutes or so b/c my knee was killing me. yes, I shed some tears along the way, and felt like crap afterward. My neighbor finished with ave. pace o 9:18 , which would have made for a nice LR pace for me. DAMMIT! I did get in the last 1.5 miles so it was 20M total. Ave pace for the 30k was 9:32, but I felt like complete CRAP! Leg hurt, ego hurt. Decided to change my Boston goal time to 3:55, which is a 9:00 min/mile pace.

NOW I just got those splits today 5 days afterward, and had I know that I did the first 5M at 8:18, I would have felt better about the whole situation. NEXT TIME I WILL WEAR MY GARMIN! UGH.

So- last week total mileage was 41 miles.

This week-- Tuesday did 10M w8@MP (8:50)
Thursday- 8M with 3 x 15 MP minus 20 seconds (8:27 for the first one and 8:19 for the second two.)

So..... I am left with a quandry about race day. I KNOW I will not PR-- that ship has sailed. But I would like to give the BQ a shot, but am hedging my bets at this point.

NEW GOAL FOR BOSTON: FINISH WITH A SMILE! also- under 3:55. I think that is doable, and if the weather cooperates and my taper goes well, maybe I'll get in under 3:53.

We leave for Colorado today- yippee!!!


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