Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Bad and the Good-- two days apart!

Ok, so Monday I took the car in for state inspection (after getting a hefty warning/ticket) and thought I'd get a nice, easy 15 in while they checked the car. WELL.

First, it was COLD- 30 degrees or so, and my asthma kickec in a bit-- not so much that I was actaully wheezing, but my breathing was labored. Didn't help that I was on a hilly route. I was having trouble breaking 10min/mile. Several thoughts went through my head, and in the end I decided to HTFU and just run as many hills as possible, albeit slowly.

My legs were dead-- I actually cannot remember the last time they felt that way-- just like lead slogging through mud or something. I stopped a few times for BR breaks, and to buy some water, and to talk with the guys from Sears Auto. Turns out they needed the car for a few MORE hours... so ended the 15 at home (embarassing pace: 10:04) only to find that I had locked myself out. So- used my secret way to get in, showered and then had to WALK the 3M over to get the car. By this point in the day (1:30) it had gotten MUCH warmed, so the walk was actully pretty nice-- my legs felt better after than before. Count that as my CRAPPY LR for the training cycle. Ran 60 miles in 8 days though.. legs need a break.

Tuesday- walked during DS's piano lesson for 25 minutes, then rode stationary bike for 30 minutes. Easy-

Today- (Wed). Wasn't sure what to do-- original thought was 8M outside, then when I looked at the weather, changed that to 4M inside and 4M outside. Got on TM, and ended up doing 11 on TM-- ave pace 9:15. My legs felt like I go have gone for a few more miles, but do NOT want to hurt anything this close to 4/20. I did some hillwork (up to 3.0) which made for a great workout. The new tunes are really helping to get/keep me motivated!

Saturday is Just A Short Run (JASR). Weather forecast: warm- high of 58, but rainy- ugh. Am planning to do 15M @MP of 8:40. We'll see how the legs feel-- I might adjust it down to 13@MP and do the full 20. Still up in the air-- a lot will depend on the weather.


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L.A. Runner said...

Sometimes I think as we get close to marathon day, our legs are hyper-senstive to stress. What do you think? You're going to make it to Boston!!!!! It's so close now, just hang on strong.