Wednesday, March 25, 2009

35 miles in 3 days!

So- I finally got my 20-miler in on St. Patrick's Day. Quite a change from 'drink free 'till you pee' at the Red Onion from 20 or so years ago! Average pace was 9:30, with the last 4M at MP or better. Did it on the Peters Trail, with the last few miles on the uphill section. Felt good most of the time. I uploaded a bunch of new songs from ITunes the night before and made a new playlist, which helped a TON! Not knowing what song was coming next was fun, and the new tunes mixed with old favorites kept me going.

Wednesday the weather was just perfect-- 55-60 or so (at least if felt that warm) so I did the unthinkable of late and ran again. Just a little 4M recovery... and I mean recovery-- I think the pace was 11/min mile-- really! On the trail again-- it was too nice to be inside- I went during CCD for the boys. There were tons of people outside, so that was nice.

Thursday I ran 11M outside and do notice a BIG difference in pace/effort on hills. Vowed to get as many runs between now and Boston done outside-- need that hill work! A very hilly 11M at 9:30 pace. Legs felt good, but tired.

Friday I swam 1M-- recovery.

Saturday-- 10M w/3 x 15M at MP minus 20 which turns out to be 8:12, which is really closer to MP minus 30, but felt ok. I actually did the last segment for 20 minutes, as I was REALLY on the clock with DH. Got. it. done.


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