Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What a difference a day makes!

16M... CHECK
last two at MP..... CHECK
better mood........ CHECK!!!

Today's run could not have gone better, well I guess running outside would have been better. Bitter cold again- some schools around here had two hour delays... not ours thank goodness!

First 6.75M 1:05 9:37
Second 6.75M 1:03 9:19 pace
last 2.5~ 2M at MP 17:00, then last .5 cooldown.

Average pace for first 14M was 9:30, which is exactly where I wanted to be today. I was a bit nervous after running those 4M last night how the legs would feel, but they feel great! A good overall run, and good confidence booster. Now- I do need to get outside for these long runs! I did mix in some 1% grade during the first 14M, but that is not really hill work.


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