Monday, March 9, 2009

Welcome to my Pity Party~

Ok, so remember in the Lion King when the young cub Simba says 'Ha! I laugh in the face of danger', right before almost getting eaten by the hyenas? Well, Saturday I felt like 'Ha! I laugh in the face of a sinus infection, and it has come back to bit me on the ass, big time. Saturday's run went great, then we went to the Pitt b-ball game, and Saturday night I went to dinner and movie with a couple of friends. Nothing too strenuous, right?

Well, yesterday I woke up feeling like complete crap, and after Church and the Dude's b-day party (which went really well, and he totally enjoyed) I was till draining and wiped out. Went to bed early, slept ok, and this morning we ALL overslept! Now, I could blame it on the time change, but am going with the culprit de jour for all the ails me: the sinus infection. Got the boys off to school, and am sitting here feeling completely sorry for myself as far as my training goes.

Here are my woes:
I feel like this whole training cycle has been plagued from the start, and it is SO FRUSTRATING to me for 3 reasons:
1) it is Boston, which I have wanted to do since I cheered people on in 1989 at the race
2) I have tried to be so patient and smart with my training; skipped Philly this year, cut back to running 3 days a week, have been doing yoga, stretching, core work, etc.
3) I am not even shooting for a huge PR! ALL I WANT TO DO IS TRAIN FOR AND ENJOY THIS RACE~ I guess the running gods are not in my favor this year.

It would be one thing if I were shooting for a 3:35, training 6 days a week, running doubles and putting my body and family through all sorts of challenges and self-centered scheduling hoops, but I have remained positive and tried not to talk about my training setbacks. (except to the gals at RWOL- thanks gals!) I've arranged my schedule so that I only have a short workout on one weekday, the other weekday is a rest day. Done all my LR on Mondays or Tuesdays so as not to interfere with family activities.

All in all I guess my main complaint is WHY THE HELL CAN'T I JUST TRAIN FOR THIS THING? UGH!!!!

When I pull myself back and realize its just one day I'm taking off, and that it really doesn't make a difference if I run my 20 this week or next, I can step back from the proverbial ledge. It just gets to me sometimes. First the ITBand, then the hamstring, now the sinus infection. I hope and pray that this is it! I guess I keep telling myself that....

Ok. Enough bitching. In some weird way I feel better for getting this down.

Thanks for attending my pity party! Here's hoping there are no more scheduled in the near future!



Black Bear! said...

Aw betaboo. I didn't even know you had a blog, can I add you to my list? I'm in for your pity party. Sinuses stinks. Okay, so one day you'll feel fine, then the next day poof exhuasted by 2:00 pm. And just WHERE DOES all that snot come from??? It's theoretically impossible. Like a bumble bee flying.

Did you ever think though that maybe going through rough training makes you more mentally prepared for the race?

Signed, Susy Sunshine mirnr

Slurpee said...

Hi Betaboo, it's me, Slurpee! I'm still lurking out there and wanted to give you some positive vibes. Here's the bright side to all of this: You WILL line up at the starting line of Boston, and you will do so without the burden of high expectations. Thus, you will enjoy the journey from Hopkinton to Boylston Street, soaking in the sights and sounds and reveling in the experience. That said, don't underestimate your fitness! Your training hasn't gone as planned, but you haven't been on the couch, either. My last training cycle was a complete trainwreck and what did I get for it? A five minute PR! Stay positive, hang in there, don't blow your nose too hard, and you'll be fine!