Sunday, March 1, 2009

50 days to go... where am I?

Boston is 50 days away. I am trying not to freak out, and last week helped a good deal. I got in my 18 miler on Monday, which went great! Did it all on the TM; had to stop twice due to nature calling-- loudly, but felt good otherwise. First 16M at 9:44 pace; last two at GMP, 8:34.

Second run was OUTSIDE!!! yippee! 12M total: 6M on track, then the rest up past SCCC on the big uphill. I realized that I really need to run outside more b/c my breathing changed pretty dramatically on the hills. Average pace 9:33.

Third run TM run again: 10M w/5M at GMP. This run really helped my confidence. The MP felt good, and I could have dialed it up a notch or two, but didn't want to push things.

XT #1 was swimming: 2M with 3 x 10 length kick sets. Since the kick sets seems to tire out my legs, I am going to continue them. It makes the workout take about 15 minutes longer than otherwise, but I think it will help.

XT#2 will take place today. The little Dude was sick last night, and from 4am on, so DH took DS#1 to hockey game up in Indiana, PA. I am sorry I can't be there, but know it is so important to both of them that DH be there. They are going to play for the Playoff Chamionships this afternoon. So, I most likely will hit the stationary bike for 45 minutes or so.

So-- where am I? I am definitely on my own training plan-- and emailed a helpful RWOL forumite for pacing suggestions. I don't want to do the FIRST paces b/c I am afraid that running too many miles too fast will aggravate the ITBand. I know I have the speed to get the 3:47 again, but need to work on the endurance. If things go well the next few weeks, I'll add some VO2 workouts closer to the race date. It is still sinking in that I'm going to actually run the Boston Marathon!!


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L.A. Runner said...

So glad you are back on track! Keep training smart and strong. You'll hit your goal. Good luck!