Friday, March 13, 2009

I rode the Short Bus to Yoga today....

yep... that would be me- the one requireing LOTS of extra attention from the yoga teacher. Nevermind that I selected a spot in the FAR BACK corner. This was 'Yoga 2' and I actually really LIKED this class- more movement and challenges--- somethings I definitely and am not flexible enough for, but I feel as though I held my own with the strength moves. I hope to take those Wed/Friday yoga classes more often.

Yesterday I got a short run in-- 5M around North Park. It was pretty windy, and I was blowing some pretty impressive (for me anyway) snot rockets, which seemed to end up on me or my clothing no matter which way the wind was blowing. oh well- that is what the washing machine is for, right? I was actually pretty pleased b/c I did not wear my Garmin, did not really get accurate mile splits, and was taking is really easy. 5M in 46:56 = 9:24 pace.

So, I have officially accepted the fact that I missed one long run this training cycle, and I'm trying to focus more on the runs I HAVE gotten in, rather than that now I'm obsessed wtih getting in a good 20-miler on Monday, or at the latest, Tuesday. That will really be my only chance to get in 2 20 mile runs this training cycle. Keeping my fingers crossed, and trying to not do too much.


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