Sunday, November 1, 2009


Ok, so I really sucked out there today. I'll cut to the chase- watch time: 1:44:48. Thing is, I started out halfway in between the 1:40 and 1:45 pace groups, and the first mile was 7:35. Next two were 7:45 and 7:48, but I never really got into a groove.

I could list all my excuses: my hip started hurting around mile 7, I didn't sleep well last night, blah, blah, blah, but the truth is- I didn't have it today. I have fallen into a BAD habit of starting out too fast in races, and I end up with a crappy time, but more importantly, have a crappy time during the race. I feel pretty sure if I would have stayed back with the 1:45 group the first 5M or so that I would have enjoyed myself MUCH more.

Now-- here is where the numbers thing comes into play. Last year I ran a fast, flat 1/2 marathon in 1:40:12, and the past two years before that, did the same race in 1:40:48 and 1:41xx. Now granted, I was not coming off an injury those past years, and the course was much faster. So-- would I be that much happier with 2 minutes faster? 120 seconds = happiness? YEP.

Am I THAT out of shape that my training (previous post) doesn't predict what I should run? Or, am I that lazy/lame/gutless to go out there and get it done? I had miles today that were slower than miles on LR, and felt MUCH harder. UGH.

So... where does this leave me? Besides pissed off and doubting myself? Well, I AM going to still run the Philly Half Marathon, and cheer on my friends from RWOL, but after that I am going to take a break from training. I ran for 19 years and had many successes and built up my confidence, but the past year I have had nothing but injuries and crappy races. Something needs to change b/c I work too hard through too much pain to feel this sh*tty during races.

Tomorrow is another day....


Black Bear! said...

Okay, rub some pixie dust into it and get back in the game. j/k. I dunno, some days it just isn't there and the hip rearing itself during the race doesn't help.

You'll have your mojo back in 3 weeks....

Black Bear! said...

BTB, it's harder to race hard when you are having a bad day than when you are having a good CHEERS to sticking it out and just getting it done!

L.A. Runner said...

(((HUGS)))) Hang in there, this is temporary, too! I'm with Black Bear, you'll get the mojo back soon. Sometimes it just hides for a little bit.

Betaboo said...

Thanks gals! BB: thanks especially for the finishing it comment... I know I need to enjoy racing again, and hope to get my mojo back soon!

Hugs and thanks!